Web development projects often go over budget and past deadlines. This often happens because small business owners have misconceptions about web development. Here are six false ideas held by CEOs of businesses of all sizes: 1. Web development is easy. Even websites that appear simple require a great deal of development work which is both complicated and time-consuming. Some of the simplest websites are often the most expensive. Requests that seem simple could require days of programming. 2. Everyone needs to be involved. There is no need to bring all ofRead More
The Securities and Exchange Commission plans to, by October 2015,  finalize the Title III Equity Crowdfunding rules and Title IV Regulation A+ rules from the JOBS Act. This was revealed when it released a rulemaking agenda. The earliest date for them to be applicable is likely 2016 as a 60 day period is required for publication in the federal register for it to become law. Small businesses will then be able to use JOBS Act provisions to raise funding. In 2011 there was bipartisan passing of the JOBS Act whichRead More
Small business owners must make their own financial plans for retirement. An employer usually takes on the task of retirement planning, and setting up investments and pensions. As employers, small business owners may also offer assistance to staff. Here are five things to consider as you plan for retirement. 1. Exit strategy. Prepare to liquidate your business. It is an invest that is likely to become your largest asset. It can help to fund your retirement once you’ve made the decision to stop working. Ensure that your business can runRead More
Mobile technology is equalizing opportunities of businesses regardless of their size. Technologies and capabilities are now more readily available. In its most recent study, AT&T and the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council found that smartphones and tablets save business owners approximately 2 billion hours per year. Small business owners in America save $65 billion annually by using mobile technology. Small business use of smartphone technology has increased from 85% in 2013 ro 94% this year. About 33% of small businesses save 150 hours per year by using mobile apps, andRead More
Stackla, a social content aggregation and publishing platform, announced that it successfully raised $2 million of new funds by private investors including rampersand. The newly raised capital will be used to hire 32 new employees – 20 in the San Francisco office and 12 in Europe and Australia. The company has also added Jawbone, Comcast, Nvidia, and Red Bull to its existing roster of clients which includes Pandora, Lego, Target, Toyota, Boost, Newspresso, Eric Church, and Citibank. Stackla launched in 2012, and is an official technology partner with Twitter, andRead More
Production Of Bitcoins By Mike Caldwell of Casascius
Former manager of Global Macro Investor Group Raoul Pal predicted the price of Bitcoin could be $1,000,000 based on a comparison with gold. Although he believes each Bitcon could be worth over $100,000, Pal suggested that people only invest in what they can use. In 2013, he recommended buying Bitcoin in a newsletter to the Global Macro Investor. He offered the example of a $5,000 investment into Bitcoins with each Bitcoin increasing to a gold equivalent at only 100 ounces of gold (which is truly at 700 ounces). The BitcoinRead More
During the Black Friday weekend, 50 of the top ecommerce websites were slower this year, and Best Buy experienced a few outages. The website went down twice on Friday, after having some issues on Thursday. Catchpoint Systems – a web performance monitoring company – studied web performance from Black Friday until Sunday, November 30 at 10:00am EST and compared it to the same period in 2013. Performance tests were conducted on the web and mobile sites of 50 leading ecommerce retailers including Amazon, Staples, Walmart, QVC, Macy’s, Dell, Target, HSN,Read More
The search pages of online stores are often ignored, and usually provide inaccurate results, if any. When used properly, search pages can drive conversions. The process of finding products can be simplified with the use of third-party tools. They can give retailers more control over what is visible to the searcher. Auto-suggestions can help to display alternative terms when user input incorrect keywords. Make it easy for customers to filter results. Give them options to choose departments, categories, brands, sizes, colors, prices, and reviews. The filtering menu should appear onRead More
ComScore research revealed that consumers using desktop computers spent $17.5 billion online in the first 23 days of November. The spending increased by 11% over the same period in 2013. November 21 saw the most spending with $914 million. November 12 and 19 also saw over $900 million. E-commerce activities on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets are not included in these figures. High sales figures are not expected after the holiday season. The National Retail Federation predicted a 4.1% increase in e-Commerce sales in November and December – 1%Read More
During the Black Friday holiday, millions of people were shopping online at Jumia – based in Lagos, Nigeria – and Souq.com – based in Dubai, UAE. Souq.com – founded in 2006 and employing 2000 people – had over 10 million visits from 100,000 customers and sold over 250,000 units. A spokeswoman said it made history in the region. The company was hailed by CNBC as the next Alibaba. Jumia – founded in a garage in 2012 – had 10 times more visits than Black Friday in 2013, coming in at 1.5Read More