Adam Levine has created a women’s fashion line for Kmart despite his lack of fashion industry experience. The Maroon 5 frontman is celebrating the launch of his new summer 2014 women’s collection exclusively made for Kmart. The launch of this new collection comes on the heels of his successful launch of menswear last fall. This collection includes bright t-shirts, crop tops, denim shorts and patterned maxi dresses. The clothes are “ideally what you want to see, I guess selfishly, on a lady,” he said in a recent interview with theRead More
A U.S. judge has issued a final dismissal of lawsuits against Lululemon Athletica Inc after dismissing two other lawsuits last week. Shareholders accused the athletic clothing company of fraud for concealing the defects in their yoga pants. Lululemon were accused of violating the Securities Exchange Act and state law due to “serious quality control problems.” The company recalled its famous yoga pants after one of their suppliers made the pants too sheer. The brand didn’t bother to disclose how sheer its Luon yoga pants were. This prompted an expensive recallRead More
Images have create an incredible resource for bloggers and digital marketers to build links without overusing hyperlinks in the written content. Linking through images have also proven to be highly effective within social media. Images stay in newsfeeds longer with Facebook and users are more likely to click on an image than a written link. There are a wide variety of ways to effectively build links through the use of images. Here are three examples to consider: 1. Share Images with other websites. If you have a high-quality bank ofRead More
mount everest
An avalanche at more than 20,000 feet has killed 12 Sherpa guides who were setting up ropes for the hundreds of people who are currently readying themselves to climb Mt. Everest, the world’s tallest peak. Three more people were seriously wounded and four others are still missing in the deadliest accident ever on the mountain. The group of roughly 50 people was made up primarily of Sherpa guides, the legendary mountaineers who have helped hundreds of people climb the 29,035-foot peak. It is not the first accident resulting in death on Everest.Read More
Henrique de Castro was the chief operating officer of Yahoo for only 15 months, yet he received one of the most generous severance packages in history. This is according to regulatory documents recently filed with the SEC. De Castro was brought in to increase Yahoo’s advertising revenue. However, after only 15 months, Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, decided he wasn’t getting the results she had hoped for. Both Mayer and de Castro were former Google executives, and both of them were under a great deal of pressure to reviveRead More
The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has examined BBC’s digital media initiative (DMI) on multiple occasions; they are displeased with BBC, to say the least. According to Rt. Hon Margaret Hodge MP, chair of the PAC, “The BBC’s Digital Media Initiative was a complete failure. License fee payers paid nearly £100 million for his supposedly essential system but got virtually nothing in return.” Hodge went on to say, “The main output from the DMI is an archive catalog and ordering system that is slower and more cumbersome than the 40-year-old systemRead More
steve koonin
Steve Koonin, the president of Turner Entertainment Networks has announced he is leaving the company to take a new position. He will now be the CEO of the Atlanta Hawks. He will be in charge of all financial, business, and strategic operations for both the Atlanta Hawks and the Philips Arena. According to Koonin, “I have a deep commitment to Atlanta: My family has been apart of this city for nearly a century…I have watched the excitement and potential of the entire city growing together as out sports teams achieveRead More
Although WordPress is one of the most widely used blogging platforms, it can be confusing for newbie bloggers. Here are 7 mistakes most commonly made by WordPress users: 1. Forgetting to change the default tagline. As a default, WordPress uses the tagline “Just another Blog” on every WordPress install. This is very poor optimization. Be sure to change the tagline to something different, memorable, and applicable to your blog’s theme. 2. Creating too many categories. WordPress allows users to organize content into categories. This makes content easier to find andRead More
Fashionable ladies Lucinda Chambers, Alexa Chung and Amanda Harlech recently discussed their personal style. This exclusive conversation was in part of the film “Personal Style And Do You Have It?” In the film, Lucinda discuses why anyone can learn how to attain a personal style. Amanda talks about her personal style, which includes haute couture. Alexa talks about the effect her sexy black pencil skirts has on her male colleagues. You can watch the entire film at the VOGUE UK site. Why is personal style so important?  It helps you lookRead More
arkansas state
Will it become a new trend in college football? Arkansas State, 2013 champions of the Sun Belt Conference, offered up the rights to coach in its annual spring football game on Ebay. The gig sold for $11,700. College football programs all over the country are always looking for unique ways to promote themselves. Have the Red Wolves gone too far? The winning bidder in the auction was Nick Bhardwaj, the CEO of Beyond Games, a San Francisco based company that he helped start. Bhardwaj dropped out of San Jose StateRead More