Twitter has officially installed a “buy” button, allowing users the ability to make instant purchases directly from tweets. Here’s how it works: After clicking the “buy” button, the user will be able to view the product’s full description. If the user chooses to continue, submission of shipping and payment information will follow. Twitter will then forward the order to the merchant, who will ensure the delivery. The whole process only takes a few seconds. Though the new service is currently only available to a small number of Twitter users, theRead More
digital first media on market
The nation’s second-largest newspaper, Digital First Media, is officially on the market. With 800 multi-platform news and information products and 75 million customers every month across 15 states, it is no surprise that it is still unsure whether the company will be sold as a whole, in parts, or not at all. The company, which was formed in December of 2013 through a merger of MediaNews Group and Journal Register Co, currently owns major properties such as The Denver Post, the Los Angeles Daily News, the New Haven Register, TheRead More
Location-based marketing can lead to an increase in business when the right strategies are used. Here are four popular strategies for location-based mobile marketing: Use push notifications to send location-based offers. You can target consumers by location, sending them offers for products and services available in their area. Most businesses can benefit from this type of marketing, and your offer can attract consumers to you as opposed to your competitors. Offer coupons in exchange for check-ins. Every time a consumer checks in at your business, it gains exposure. The consumer’sRead More
Marketers today are working harder than ever to ensure their strategies are current, applicable, and effective in this ever-changing, fast-paced world. Whether through the implementation of a simple, updated email campaign or a huge list growth initiative, marketers are re-raising the bar on a daily basis. Ensure your digital marketing is keeping up with the growing sophistication of online consumers by following these five simple steps. 1. Identify Your Target Market. Determine who exactly you are hoping to reach with your advertising. If you are unsure, take a moment toRead More
Through the use of a program named Quantum, the National Security Agency has the ability to monitor about 100,000 offline computers worldwide. Also, Quantum now enables the government to monitor iPhones and network servers. In an effort to counteract this ever-growing privacy breach, a group of 4Chan members recently created Tox, a free, private, instant messaging application. Much like Skype, Tox offers features such as messaging, calls, and video calls, and it is very user-friendly. However, unlike the other government-monitored social applications available, Tox is built on a “privacy goesRead More
Google+ is more than just another social network. Since it boosts online presence and increases Google SERPs visibility, it has become quite valuable to small businesses. Google+ and Google Search work together to promote higher rankings, develop integration with Google for Business, and provide valuable information such as business location, contact information, and reviews. Businesses can also search for users and promote content through the use of Google+ Circles. Effective use of Google+ requires a customer engagement strategy. Business News Daily crowdsourced tips from business owners, social media experts, andRead More
After years of imagining a way to pay for goods with the simple wave of a smartphone, Apple announced on Tuesday that it has mastered the key in making this idea a reality. Though numerous companies – including Google – have attempted to produce fully-functioning mobile wallets, Apple has a great chance of mainstream success. In 2011, Google tried to promote its Google Wallet, but it only worked on certain phones powered by specific networks and while using only specific credit card carriers. Similarly, several American phone carriers have invested to promoteRead More
Square is now entering the financing industry. The company, known for its credit card readers for mobile devices, has financed 10,000 businesses with $50,000 through Square Capital. It is expanding its financing program to offer hundreds of millions of dollars to Main Street. Square Capital offers merchant cash advances. Merchants receive an amount and repay, as a percentage of credit card sales, the borrowed amount plus the fixed premium. Non-bank lending is growing as evidenced by PayPal’s $1 million a day in working capital, CAN Capitals $1 billion in loansRead More
Owners of businesses involved in eCommerce may be surprised to learn that location matters. Online businesses and their sales, according to Wharton School research, are impacted by location. Marketing Professor David Bell said, “What we’re finding is that it’s still about location, but this time it’s about the location of the customer. Where is that customer and with whom does that customer also live? That’s what’s really important in the world of eCommerce.” Bell suggested that existing customers engage others in conversations about their eCommerce experiences in person. Customer location,Read More
As a result of changes to its algorithm, Google’s search results have changed in appearance for local businesses. Though not named, the updated version is being called Pigeon. SIMPartners has noted some of the changes. Local search results and SEO signals are now more closely related. This reduced duplication of Google search results. Distance and location ranking signals also seem to have been improved. Search radius is expected to play a major role in the changes in results. Local pack results appear to have decreased. There are now more 2-Read More