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I suppose it is debatable whether or not this is a “new” or simply another way of research domain names. Either way, this is a method that has been proven effective. When researching category based domain names, you can look at the search box drop down suggestions. These will provide valuable keywords and keyword phrases for particular types of searches that may or may not be available as domain names. This method can also give you ideas of potential domain names that you may not have thought of before. ForRead More
Crowdfunding has picked up steam over the past few months. Many people, including Kellie Ann Furr, are finding way to use it effectively. Furr, a former environmental-engineering consultant went to law school and faced the existing legal economy. She recently decided to start a public-interest law firm when her job hunt didn’t turn up anything matching her interests. She is now using crowdfunding to start her business. Furr’s work would include water rights, lead contamination, and other pressing environmental issues. Based in Portland, Oregon, she is often contacted by peopleRead More
Social media is a big part of our lives. That said, it’s important for businesses to differentiate between social media fads and mainstays. Here are three social media marketing tips for small businesses: 1. Determine your Platform MVPs. It can be tempting to create a profile on every available platform, but that is not a good idea. Remember that you need to be active on every account your create. Find the platforms that will work best for your business. Consider the kind of content you will be sharing before making aRead More
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Writers for the Financial Times are sharing their 2015 forecasts in FT Predictions: the world in 2015. Bitcoin is on the list of topics to follow. They raise the question of the possible collapse of bitcoin. A dramatic collapse is not expected as it is highly unlikely the money will be thrown in to defend crypto-currency. Bitcoin is not expected to become a mainstream currency, although it is the most popular financial instruments of its kind. Its been trading around $350 for months, after posting highs of $1,200 in 2014. Bitcoin was notRead More
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The digital marketing industry is undergoing a transformation. Data is everywhere and mobile use is increasing steadily. Consumers have higher expectations for online entertainment and positive experiences. Here are data trends expected to drive marketing in 2015: 1. Growth of big data. Analytics of sales, purchase history, search activity, and site interactions are available in large amounts. This valuable information must be linked together to give insights that help you determine the customer’s next move. Using the information available to create customer profiles helps marketers develop better strategies. 2. PopularityRead More
In an email correspondence with CCN, BitPay stated that over 4,400 of its merchant keep all settlements in bitcoin, close to 18,000 keep some in bitcoin, and 22,000 convert to fiat. BitPay is the largest bitcoin payment processor and the first to the market, enjoying #1 million bitcoin transactions every day. Overstock was one of the first companies to accept bitcoin, and stated that 10% of bitcoin purchases are kept in the currency. The company aims to hold $6 million per month in bitcoin revenue. Amagi Metals recently announced thatRead More
Web development projects often go over budget and past deadlines. This often happens because small business owners have misconceptions about web development. Here are six false ideas held by CEOs of businesses of all sizes: 1. Web development is easy. Even websites that appear simple require a great deal of development work which is both complicated and time-consuming. Some of the simplest websites are often the most expensive. Requests that seem simple could require days of programming. 2. Everyone needs to be involved. There is no need to bring all ofRead More
The Securities and Exchange Commission plans to, by October 2015,  finalize the Title III Equity Crowdfunding rules and Title IV Regulation A+ rules from the JOBS Act. This was revealed when it released a rulemaking agenda. The earliest date for them to be applicable is likely 2016 as a 60 day period is required for publication in the federal register for it to become law. Small businesses will then be able to use JOBS Act provisions to raise funding. In 2011 there was bipartisan passing of the JOBS Act whichRead More
Small business owners must make their own financial plans for retirement. An employer usually takes on the task of retirement planning, and setting up investments and pensions. As employers, small business owners may also offer assistance to staff. Here are five things to consider as you plan for retirement. 1. Exit strategy. Prepare to liquidate your business. It is an invest that is likely to become your largest asset. It can help to fund your retirement once you’ve made the decision to stop working. Ensure that your business can runRead More
Mobile technology is equalizing opportunities of businesses regardless of their size. Technologies and capabilities are now more readily available. In its most recent study, AT&T and the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council found that smartphones and tablets save business owners approximately 2 billion hours per year. Small business owners in America save $65 billion annually by using mobile technology. Small business use of smartphone technology has increased from 85% in 2013 ro 94% this year. About 33% of small businesses save 150 hours per year by using mobile apps, andRead More