Detroit Microloan Collaborative is giving a $5 million boost to small business lending in Detroit. The Detroit Development Fund received a line of credit from Huntington Bank for the collaborative program which will provide loans between $5000 and $100,000 to small businesses. It is focused on woman-owned and minority-owned business, but will be available to others. Huntington Bank’s Vice President Renee Williams said, “We have seen that there is a definite need for microloans in the area. Access to capital to all levels of business is really important, and thatRead More
Lytics Inc., a digital marketing startup, has the backing of Comcast Ventures and others as it aims to differentiate itself from its competitors with more funding and bigger customers. Lytics Inc. provides software-as-a-service to marketing professionals, helping them to interpret customer responses to mobile, email, and social campaigns. Several startups offer similar services, but their data and retargeting are not primary to the business. Comcast Ventures Managing Director Andrew Cleland said, “I was looking for technology that was lightweight to implement and went across multiple third-party apps and data sets.Read More
Many pictures on Instagram are of food. Food-related art has become popular with the advent of social media, especially the platforms that are image-based. Most Instagram users have posted photos of meals, snacks, smoothies, cups of coffee, and foreign delights. Social media networks are increasing in popularity with Facebook and Twitter in the lead. We have become accustomed to uploading and sharing all of our activities including daily tasks, workouts, parties, and movies. Social media has put us in the habit of sharing many aspects of our lives with ourRead More
Groupon has launched a sweepstakes connected to a Baby2Baby fundraising campaign. Baby2Baby is an organization run by Jessica Alba, which provides diapers, cribs, clothing, and other basic necessities for low-income families. To enter the sweepstakes, people need only donate $10 to Baby2Baby through Groupon. The prize is a trip to Los Angeles for the Baby2Baby gala where the winner would have a private meet and greet with Jessica Alba, a Board member and brand ambassador of the organization. The winner will also receive a 45-minute spa treatment for two, a twoRead More
Banks in the United States will most likely replace their current credit and debit cards with computer-chip embedded cards within the coming year. In fact, several larger banks and credit unions have already issued chip-enabled credit cards to their frequent overseas-traveling customers. As opposed to the United States, the chip cards are already widely used in other countries. Bank of America just announced that it will, as of this month, begin issuing chip-technology debit cards to all of its new bank customers. All other existing cards will be upgraded uponRead More
Erica Ollman Saphire, a scientist at Scripps Research Institute, is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the purchase of equipment to find a cure for Ebola. The professor in the immunology and microbial science department is aiming to raise $100,000 on crowdrise.com to supplement government funding. Antibodies are being sent to Scripps from 25 laboratories in seven countries for Scripps’ researchers to find the best combination to fight Ebola. Scientists are trying to determine how Ebola blocks the immune system. Saphire said that, with the Ebola virus, it’s aRead More
The SEO industry has grown from one where specialized knowledge was required to an online marketing discipline that must be mastered by every marketing professional. Google has greatly impacted the way SEO is evolving. Here are five things online marketing professionals need to know about SEO and Google: 1. It’s about branding, not manipulation. More than just links are needed. Branding and content strategy must be a part of the package. Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithm sends a clear message to marketers. It shows that Google will not allow manipulativeRead More
The opinions surrounding the usefulness of using social media for one’s business change on a daily basis. One day it is one of the best possible options while on another day it is a waste of time. Not only are there differing points of view, but there are studies to support each side as well. A study showed the decline of social media influence and suggested that investment in it is a waste of marketing money. It would be better used, according to the study, on new in-store and mobileRead More
Facebook CMO Gary Briggs – a marketing professional of 29 years – previously worked at Pepsi, IBM, eBay, and Google. He shared some of the lessons he learned as he developed the brand for major social network Facebook at Ad Age’s Digital Conference held in San Francisco. “The simple everyday moments in our lives at certain times will be extraordinary moments,” Mr. Briggs said. Facebook, for the past six months, has been running newsfeed ads that speak to friendship. The social network is using the idea that the most movingRead More
With e-commerce growing globally, more and more payment gateways and mobile wallets are surfacing in India and many of those are being accompanied by the risk of being misused by dishonest retailers. Several small traders have already begun taking advantage of payment service providers like Citrus Pay and PayU, which is one of India’s leading payment providers with over 30,000 registered ecommerce merchants. Thanks to the low interest rates, merchants are setting up online stores and withdrawing money from fake transactions. While cash withdrawal at Indian ATMs charge around 2.7-2.8% onRead More