Erica Ollman Saphire, a scientist at Scripps Research Institute, is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the purchase of equipment to find a cure for Ebola. The professor in the immunology and microbial science department is aiming to raise $100,000 on crowdrise.com to supplement government funding. Antibodies are being sent to Scripps from 25 laboratories in seven countries for Scripps’ researchers to find the best combination to fight Ebola. Scientists are trying to determine how Ebola blocks the immune system. Saphire said that, with the Ebola virus, it’s aRead More
The SEO industry has grown from one where specialized knowledge was required to an online marketing discipline that must be mastered by every marketing professional. Google has greatly impacted the way SEO is evolving. Here are five things online marketing professionals need to know about SEO and Google: 1. It’s about branding, not manipulation. More than just links are needed. Branding and content strategy must be a part of the package. Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithm sends a clear message to marketers. It shows that Google will not allow manipulativeRead More
The opinions surrounding the usefulness of using social media for one’s business change on a daily basis. One day it is one of the best possible options while on another day it is a waste of time. Not only are there differing points of view, but there are studies to support each side as well. A study showed the decline of social media influence and suggested that investment in it is a waste of marketing money. It would be better used, according to the study, on new in-store and mobileRead More
Facebook CMO Gary Briggs – a marketing professional of 29 years – previously worked at Pepsi, IBM, eBay, and Google. He shared some of the lessons he learned as he developed the brand for major social network Facebook at Ad Age’s Digital Conference held in San Francisco. “The simple everyday moments in our lives at certain times will be extraordinary moments,” Mr. Briggs said. Facebook, for the past six months, has been running newsfeed ads that speak to friendship. The social network is using the idea that the most movingRead More
With e-commerce growing globally, more and more payment gateways and mobile wallets are surfacing in India and many of those are being accompanied by the risk of being misused by dishonest retailers. Several small traders have already begun taking advantage of payment service providers like Citrus Pay and PayU, which is one of India’s leading payment providers with over 30,000 registered ecommerce merchants. Thanks to the low interest rates, merchants are setting up online stores and withdrawing money from fake transactions. While cash withdrawal at Indian ATMs charge around 2.7-2.8% onRead More
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Everyone wants to make their business grow. Regardless of your specific role in the process, the end goal is the same – make your business thrive. Morphing your business into an ecommerce site is now an effective way of doing just that. While there are various aspects involved in generating the desired success and productivity of such a site, such as great customer service, strong marketing techniques, and the hiring of hardworking employees, there are a few specific steps that need to be considered beforehand. In order to ensure yourRead More
Google plans to hire more than 200 guards at its campuses in Mountain View, San Francisco, and San Bruno. Up until now, the company has relied on outside contractor Security Industry Specialists to provide its security needs and will continue to do so during the transition period. Earlier this year, Google’s Mountain View headquarters and the Apple Store in downtown San Francisco experienced union protests that claimed SIS workers were not receiving adequate pay and regular hours, and that SIS workers were not sharing in the overall wealth of theRead More
Digital marketing strategies have become necessary for companies as most consumers use mobile devices on a daily basis. Over 2 million people in the world have internet access and 70% of them use it every day. Companies are now spending an average of 12 to 20% of income on digital marketing, promoting their products using the channels consumers access such as websites and social networks. The following are the top five digital marketing strategies that businesses are using today. 1. Social media. This is an efficient, low cost way toRead More
Qubit has received $26 million Series B funding from Accel Partners. Existing investor Balderton Capital – which invested $7.5 million in December of 2012 – also assisted in the round of funding, as did Salesforce Ventures. The big-data e-commerce analytics startup provides online merchants and their marketing teams with features and tips to optimize their e-ecommerce sales and create excellent customer experiences for their online users. Along with the performance of A/B testing, the company also personalizes the content for each user. The Visitor Cloud, which is the company’s mainRead More
Smart technology is experiencing a boost as the interest in digital payment methods is increasing among consumers and new platforms are being introduced by companies like NXT-ID, Apple, Google, Mastercard, and Visa. NXT-ID is now trading on NASDAQ and is set to launch Wocket, a smart wallet. The company is in the biometric authentication business and focuses on mobile commerce. Apple recently announced Apply Pay which is expected to lead to widespread adoption of digital payments. Apple Pay is specifically for digital payments and will only work for iPhone andRead More