GoDaddy and PayPal have partnered to allow small businesses to accept secure mobile payments. Using Get Paid, an app by GoDaddy, businesses can swipe or photograph a credit card thanks to the launch of PayPal Here SDK. GoDaddy is among the first third-parties to use this new PayPal payment service. Never before has GoDaddy offered a mobile payment product allowing vendors to receive immediate payment. Prior to this release, business owners had to go through several other steps. According to GoDaddy senior vice president Steven Aldrich, business owners had toRead More
The digital world has changed marketing forever. Newspaper ads, television commercials, and billboards are no longer enough to deliver your company’s message. It is becoming more challenging to reach your audience. With crowded social media feeds and limitless streams of information, it is important to be at the right place at the right time with the ideal audience. There are tactics businesses need to use in order to be visible and relevant, and we have case studies to prove them. 1. Target the right audience. Get to know your readersRead More
Social media is currently used by 97% of marketers, who are learning how to use it to create a personalized, relevant experience for their audience. Nowadays, brands have to be social to avoid being ignored. Here are 5 social media marketing mistakes to avoid: 1. Talking too much. Aim to show more than you tell. Visual content is more engaging than texts. On Twitter, tweets with image links get 200% more engagement than text-only tweets. Find images and videos to get your message across to your audience. Sharing visual contentRead More
The workplace is being transformed by mobile technology, and this is leading B2B marketers to adjust their strategies. In order to efficiently reach mobile workers, marketers must now build new partnerships, change their messages, and transform their entire marketing strategy. Mobile business services are becoming more popular as the market expands. Forrester Research expects mobile service revenue – including analytics, experience design, mobile-device management, and mobile-app-development services – to increase from its current $11.4 billion to $32.4 billion in 2018. Mobile vendors have discovered increasing amounts of their revenue comingRead More
Crowd-funding has recently become a popular option for entrepreneurs seeking funding, as well as for investors. There are almost 200 crowd-funding platforms in the U.S. today. It makes sense that entrepreneurs are finding new ways to receive funding when more than 95% of business plans are rejected by investors. Here are five reasons why crowd-funding is the next big investment trend. 1. It’s convenient. Crowd-funding doesn’t require the paperwork and preparation that loan applications and investor proposals demand. Asking for money is as easy as choosing a platform, creating aRead More
welcome to wordpress 4.0
WordPress version 4.0 has been released. It has been named “Benny” in keeping with the theme of honoring various Jazz greats. This version pays homage to Benny Goodman, known better as the King of Swing. WordPress version 4.0 makes content management and publication easier. Media is now embedded in the posts. This is particularly useful for non HTML users, making it easy to see how the post will appear when it is published. The content, including pictures, tweets, and YouTube videos, will appear in the post as it is beingRead More
designing -mobile-strategy
The Facebook mobile app left a lot to be desired in 2012. Users were left wanting more speed and a better overall experience. Because users were left unsatisfied, it wasn’t possible to make money with the app. Facebook soon realized its mobile strategy needed a major overhaul. This led to the release of a new app that was more focused on the experience. With over one billion users and over 50% of revenue coming from mobile ads, Facebook is reaping the benefits of its new approach. When it comes toRead More
piano media
The two largest digital paywall companies have combined. Piano Media acquired Press Plus in a transaction that is being described as a merger. The companies, who aim to help news organizations keep their information exclusive to paying subscribers, hired former publisher of The Wall Street Journal Europe Kelly Leach to run the new, merged company. Press Plus, which was started in 2009, has 8.8 times more revenue than Piano Media, a three-year-old Slovakian company that has handled online content charges for major European news organizations. Leach heard about the jobRead More
Peak Ventures, a subsidiary of Peak Capital Partners, has closed on a $23 million venture capital fund raised from international and domestic investors for start-up companies in Utah and the Mountain West. It will invest $100,000 to $1 million in new businesses. The new venture was launched to support growth in tech innovation in Utah. Peak was founded by Ernst & Young Mountain West region Entrepreneurs of the Year Jeff Burningham, Jeff Danley, and Jamie Dunn in 2007. Peak Capital Partners, along with its affiliates, owns and manages student apartmentRead More
Vrvana Inc, a small Montreal company founded in 2005, turned to crowd-funding to aid in the release of its new Totem headset. Vrvana enlisted the help of Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. The funding goal has been set at $350,000, and Vrvana has already received a total of $72,000. With twenty-seven days left to go, it is likely that Vrvana will reach its target. The recently-launched device, the Totem, has already been sold out. The next tier of headsets is expected to arrive in April ofRead More