FastPay is a financial planning that provides the global media industry with workflow and liquidity solutions. The company raised $15 million from Oak HC/FT for technology development and acquisition of new human capital. Oak HC/FT recently launched a $500 million growth-equity fund, and this is its first FinTech investment. FastPay offers products and services including invoice finance and workflow solutions that were designed specifically for global media. They allow media entrepreneurs to access capital to scale their businesses. The company works with advertising agencies, DSPs, SSPs, RTB advertising exchanges, webRead More
In a new crowdfunding campaign, Bitreserve – a bitcoin storage platform – aims to raise $10 million in capital. The company was started by CNET founder Halsey Minor and has already raised $7 million. Bitreserve allows people to hold bitcoin without being subject to the volatility against legal tender. It also allows for increased transparency with live accounting of assets. According to minor, the crowdfunding initiative is in addition to other fundraising efforts as the company responds to the limited opportunities available to the public for tech companies. He said, “PeopleRead More
Detroit Media Partnership which publishes media products including Detroit Free Press now has a new name. It has changed its name to Michigan.com to reflect its reach across the state and digital mission. The new website will launched as a B2B portal and was fully activated on November 1, 2014. Michigan.com president Joyce Jenereaux referred to the name change as “an acknowledgment of our digital leadership and unsurpassed statewide reach.” She added, “This is not about what we want to become. It’s about what we already are. We have transformedRead More
Bharti SoftBank acquired 36.5% equity in ScoopWhoop Media Private Limited for an undisclosed amount. The joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and Softbank Corp will combine ScoopWhoop’s content creation for Indian youth and distribution by BSB for Indian consumers. BSB Portal Limited CEO said, “Media consumption patterns are rapidly evolving and this space is ready for disruption. The team at ScoopWhoop has demonstration significant growth by leveraging its strength in understanding and creating locally relevant content for India’s young audience.” ScoopWhoop CEO Sattvik Mishra added, “In BSB we found the perfectRead More
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Bitcoin is going up in value again, shooting over $400, a gain over 9%. It has not closed over $400 since late September, but was briefly at $409 in October. Earlier in the year, bitcoin stayed above $400 except for a brief slump in April and the BTC-e flash card in August. It gradually declined from July onward until it reached a love of $319 in October. It was the worst month of 2014. The price rebounded by mid-October as CoinDesk BPI reached $398. The recovery, however, did not last long. WithinRead More
gamesGRABR is now in the second round of funding after a 15% oversubscription rate. It initially planned raise £150,000 on Crowdcube – a crowdfunding platform. Crowdcube offers potential investors equity rather than rewards, setting it apart from Kickstarter and similar crowdfunding platforms. Its success stories include the Pebble watch. Games companies, however, are having a difficult time making the platform work for their investors. Games have a long development cycle, so crowdfunding is popular for developers. The funds, however, do not guarantee that they will finish their products. gameGRABR, however,Read More
Black Friday is rapidly approaching, and stores will soon be decorated for the holiday season. Consumers have been preparing for the season while retailers have braced themselves for competition. Amazon.com and Walmart stores have started with deals already. Other stores, including Macy’s, Kohl’s, and J.C. Penney plan to open earlier on Thanksgiving than they have in the past. J.C. Penney and Target both recently released updates to their mobile apps in preparation for increased use by consumers who compare prices, read reviews, and check in-store stock. Adobe Systems, based onRead More
Dreamfund.com is launching a family-friendly crowdfunding platform with the added benefit of an insured savings account. It allows “Dreamers” to raise and save the money they need for causes, purchases, and experiences. The features of DreamFund.com include fund-boosting marketing tools, pre-written messages to send to circles, marketing advice, Dream Squad support, and built-in fraud protection. The platform also boasts the lowest fees at 5% for basic members and 2.5% for prime subscribers. The platform helps Dreamers to achieve their goals. Donated funds are deposited into the Dreamer’s FDIC-insured savings accountRead More
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NCR, the global payments conglomerate, announced that one of its POS will offer bitcoin support in the near future. NCR – one of the largest payment companies in the world – was founded in 1884 as a cash register maker. The company now offers hardware and software solutions and has over $6 billion in revenue last year. Bitcoin will be integrated into the NCR Silver POS before 2015. The system will also make mobile bitcoin wallet payments possible, and the service will be free. NCR recently started to make strategicRead More
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Facebook has become a major part of small business marketing. Facebook plugins for WordPress can make it easy for you to benefit from the platform. All you need to use the plugins are a Facebook App ID and an App Secret key. They will ensure that only you are able to access your Facebook information.  Here are some of the plugins you can use to show your Facebook activity on your website: 1. WP Facebook FanBox. This plugin allows you to add a widget showing your Facebook updates on yourRead More