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Bryan Boy fashion blogging worth $100K+

If you asked aspiring fashionistas for two names they wouldn’t expect to go together Anna Wintourand the Sunglass Hut would probably top the list. Yet this unlikely, and eclectic, list of references stands proudly side by side on the resume of Bryan Grey –Yambao, also known as fashion blogger Bryan Boy.  Last year Bryan Boy pulled in over $100,000 blogging.  To put that number in perspective, keep in mind it was recently revealed that posing for a Vogue editorial is only worth $125 to $250. Bryan Boy is living the life.

The former web developer started blogging when he was 17 while living with his parents in Manila. In 2007 the New York Post listed him as one the nine hottest online celebrities and his career took off.  He’s been profiled in ELLE, the New York Times, and of course Vogue.  Marc Jacobs even named a handbag after him.  And then he got his big break.

Most of Bryan Boy’s impressive income comes from his $100,000 winnings from Sunglass Hut’s Full Time Fabulous Blogger competition. Along with the bonus perk of a free year lease on an apartment in New York City the money provided by his Sunglass Hut winnings has allowed him to develop his blog into another source of income.  In an interview with “The Cut” Bryan Boy lays out the business model for his blog.

Due to the strength of his reputation Bryan Boy is able to charge money to advertise products on his site.  While he occasionally provides free coverage for designers and lines he supports he’s quick to point out the money is secondary when it comes to his writing.  Ultimately his journalistic desires are greater than his financial ones telling The Cut “For me money is really not the issue, it’s about getting material and getting my content.”

His drive and work ethic landed him the first $100,000 he made this year and priceless free lodging in the fashion epicenter of the world.  But his business savvy and self promotion will keep Bryan Boy from fading away once the Sunglass Hut money is a distant memory.  This is after all the man who is able to say of Anna Wintour, “she’s so wonderful.  So for me I don’t really understand the whole hullabaloo about how she’s this cold icy person.  She’s been warm and gracious to me.”

After years of hard work as a fashion blogger Bryan Boy is finally moving into the spotlight with powerful friends and an exploding reputation behind him.  The only question remaining is, where does he go next?

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