Google Launching New Entertainment Hub

Although there have been rumors over the last year since Chromecast’s July 2013 launch, it has finally been confirmed that Google is planning to launch what they believe will be the next generation of streaming television service.

Google previously launched Google TV, but that failed right from the get go. They are now preparing to launch Android TV, which they plan to be the most commonly used entertainment hub. They assert it will be “cinematic, fun, fluid, and fast.”

One way in which Google plans to differentiate themselves from other streaming services is by including “the Google” option. Instead of users have to scroll through hundreds of options, they will be able to use a Google search bar to find what they are really looking for. The Google entertainment hub will also have a set home screen with regularly updated recommendations based on previous choices and viewing habits.

In addition to these features, Google will also integrate their cloud syncing system. This will allow users to view movies and shows on their TV’s, tablets and phones.

Once users download the app they will be able to choose Play Music, YouTube, and Google Hangouts in addition to watching movies and TV shows. Google is also working to possibly integrate with services like Pandora, Hula, and Netflix.

Google argues that services like Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV are nothing more than a modified smartphone user interface. They are looking to be much more than that. The Android TV UI will display scrolling cards showing all the viewing options. It will be operated by a four-way directional pad on the remote control, a game controller, or by voice command.

There are so many options in streaming services; from TV shows, to movies to music, and more. Google is hoping to offer everything in one place, so users can consolidate their services, fees, boxes, and remote controls.

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