Zignal Labs, a leader in delivering data-driven insights from big data analytics, real-time media monitoring, and business intelligence, today announced that it has partnered with iQ media to expand its offering to include television content. By adding television with its print, online, LexisNexis, and social media coverage, Zignal Labs now provides the most robust, unified platform for its customers. Zignal offers a powerful traditional and social media analytics platform that features user-friendly, intuitive design. The addition of television content significantly enhances the information available to customers, enabling them to diveRead More
What if you came face to face with the realization, that to survive and thrive five to ten years from now, you would have to dismantle your company — throw out all the old policies and procedures, the way things have always been done — and rebuild it from the ground up in the next 30 days?  Are you tough enough? “It take real guts to be a leader in today’s turbulent times,” says Irv Rothman, President and CEO of HP Financial Services. “Successful corporate leaders have to be boldRead More
Viggle (VGGL) has partnered with the world’s largest beacon platform, inMarket, to provide utility, targeted offers and branded engagement for local commerce. inMarket’s groundbreaking beacon and native proximity platform is expected to expand Viggle’s engagement capabilities with local, contextual offers. Deployment is expected to begin in March. The offers are customized to appeal to Viggle users’ specific tastes based on their past preferences and media consumption patterns. Contextual engagements triggered by beacons receive interaction rates of five to seven times higher than traditional push messages due to their relevancy and timing. Dave Heinzinger,Read More
If you have anything to do with digital marketing these days, you’ve likely heard of content marketing. Perhaps you’ve heard that “Content is King” or that content marketing is the next big thing. So what exactly is content marketing? Content marketing is delivering valuable information to your potential customers, making them more intelligent about your product or service vs pitching them sales copy. By delivering information that they find valuable, you increase your chances of converting them into a customer. Ok, that defines it, but let’s get specific. Let’s say you own aRead More
Your website is the face of your business. Sometimes it is the store itself, and other times it is a complement to the store. Most businesses have a website, but just having one is not enough. Your website needs to represent your brand, be user friendly, and engage people. Here are seven signs your website needs a makeover: 1. It isn’t responsive. Responsive websites load properly on any device. It’s important that mobile users have the same experience on your website as desktop users. If creating a responsive website is notRead More
Email marketing success depends on execution, building your list properly, and providing content that your subscribers will find valuable. Building a loyal list of subscribers could take years and keeping them engaged takes skill.  Let’s take a look at five mistakes that could not only kill your email campaign, but also do long-term damage to your list. 1. Ineffective balance of content and photos. Large blocks of text do not grab and hold the attention of readers. They appear to be too much work, and people scan for keywords, or onlyRead More
Activities that do not generate new business or improve customer services are better outsourced than handled in-house. A business should employ those who make products or provide services, and those who sell those products or services. Other needs can be taken care of by third-parties. Digital marketing can be outsourced for companies that aren’t in the advertising business. The benefit is having experts at your disposal for a lower cost than employing a full time team. Even so, it is advantageous to have someone on your team to manage yourRead More
A great ad, according to Leo Burnett, is simple, memorable, and inviting to look at. “If you don’t get noticed, you don’t have anything,” he said. Burnett is the creator of Tony the Tiger, Jolly Green Giant, and the Marlboro Man. Marketers are now trying to apply old concepts to the new methods via digital technology. They need to think more like publishers. Here are four tips for content marketing: Hold the attention of your audience. Marketers are skilled in many content areas, but need to see it as publishing and notRead More
Business blogging is taking off as organizations of varying sizes share product information, industry knowledge, and expert advice. Here are seven tips for blog success: 1. Build it right.Choose the right platform for your blog. WordPress is a great option as it performs well, is easy to use, and well-know. 2. Use plug-ins.There are lots of free plug-ins that can help your blog performance. Since WordPress is open source, there’s no limit to the ways you can tailor your blog. Two plug-ins every blog should include as Yoast and GoogleRead More
Email marketing has been around for twenty years. Even with social media and mobile marketing emerging and growing, email marketing has continued to be effective in reaching customers and helping small businesses to grow. Email marketing has gotten far more sophisticated than it was in the beginning. Features allow marketers to manage lists, send text-only emails or media-rich messages, send automated messages, and much more. This method of marketing delivers content and delivers a satisfying return on investment. Here are five tools that are expected to transform email marketing: 1.Read More
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