5 Bitcoin Startups to Watch

The growing popularity of bitcoins has led to the widespread increase in startups that base their business on services for bitcoin users. Each day there are more to watch out for. Here are 5 Bitcoin Startups that have some momentum:

1. Gliph. Gliph is a text message app that allows you to transact with others from your mobile device. You can send and accept payments from friends, family or total strangers. This is the perfect way to settle a bill at a restaurant or accept money for something you’re selling.

2. Coinsetter. Coinsetter provides users with a secure trading platform. This is designed more for serious traders, opposed to recreational ones. It allows users to get access to the best prices on major exchanges, as well as boost trading. This platform was designed by Wall Street professionals who understand how the system works and what will provide traders with a fair advantage.

3. BitPay. As its name loosely suggests, this is the Paypal for Bitcoins. Users can make payments, purchases and accept payments from legitimate retail locations and online merchants. BitPay is currently available in over 200 countries, and it allows users to get payouts in local currency, opposed to Bitcoins.

4. Coinbase. Coinbase provides users with a secure digital wallet. This is a safe place to store your bitcoins. It can also be used to make payments with your bitcoins or accept bitcoin payments from other users. You can also use Coinbase to sell your bitcoins and have the proceeds deposited right into your bank account.

5. BTC Jam. BTC Jam is a peer-to-peer lending network, but with bitcoins. Borrowers can request how much they need at a pre-determined interest rate, and get a loan from another user. This option makes credit accessible to a wide range of people that may not be able to take advantage of traditional lending services.

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