5 High Demand Social Media Jobs for 2014

Social media certainly has changed the way people interact and how brands interact with their customers. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become and are continuing to develop as major advertising hubs. Social media websites are major players in the world of ecommerce, marketing, brand development and more.

This increased dependency on social media has created the need for new positions within companies. Positions for people well versed in the workings of social media. According to one study conducted in 2013, 87% of small businesses are now using social media as a marketing tool.

The following 5 jobs are positions that are going to be in hot demand in the coming year. The require skills such as the ability to perform extensive research, solid communication and analytic. Individuals with degrees in English, communications and business will likely be well-equipped for these jobs.

1. Social Media Marketing Manager. Social media marketing can no longer be treated as an aside to marketing. Creating and running a successful social media campaign requires a high level or planning and coordination. More companies are going to be looking for social media managers to oversee their campaigns.

2. Social Media Marketing Coordinator. The coordinator creates unique content, collects or creates photos and videos, and updates the social media accounts they are in charge of on a regular basis. Coordinators need to understand how to use analytic tools. They also need to have strong written communication skills and be able to communicate easily with others online. Other needed skills include video editing, blogging and basic content marketing.

3. Social Media Strategist. Many small businesses fail with social media marketing because they don’t go into it with a strategy. They mistakenly think if they just create a profile, customers will find them and follow them. A strategist will create company profiles, interact with followers, post about the brand and products, and work to create relationships with customers.

4. Online community Manager. The community manager is the voice of the brand online. They work through social networks, but also through message boards, forums, email groups and website comment sections. Their job is to create relationships, increase brand loyalty, pull in more traffic and maximize all social media efforts. This position is both analytical and creative, so it takes a special mix of skills to be successful. Community managers should also be well-versed in photo and video editing and web development.

5. Copywriter. A social media copywriter is essentially a blogger with a very specific job. The copywriter creates well-written and informative content that is optimized and designed to promote conversion rates. This isn’t just a writer. This is someone who understands the brand and works to sell the brand through writing.

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