5 Online Marketing Tips for the Holidays

In 2012, American consumers spent $42.3 billion between November 1st and December 31st. As a retailer, there are several things you can do during the holidays to increase your online marketing efforts with holiday shoppers.

The 2012 Experian Marketing survey revealed that the most popular holiday campaigns were introduced in the first 15 days of November before the Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend. In order to get the most out of marketing for the holidays, businesses need to be ready and focused on mobile marketing. Websites need to be mobile friendly with clickable buttons and simple icons, opposed to large, slowly loading images.

Here are 5 online marketing tips to get your business through the holiday season.

1. Get Your Website in the Holiday Spirit. Re-work your title tags and meta-descriptions in order to take full advantage of the marketing opportunity. In order to save time, consumers often read the snippets of information found in search results prior to clicking on the link. Re-work these, so that your offer, holiday sale or product description is included in the snippet of text shown with your link.

You should also re-write product descriptions to make them more seasonally appealing. Although it may seem like added work, it will be worth the effort. Just remember to change your descriptions back after the holidays, so your content does not appear outdated.

Rewrite product headings to fit a seasonal theme. For example, instead of the heading “Women’s Accessories” you can change it to “Gifts for Mom.” Finally, if your website contains a blog, write several holiday-themed posts, and then highlight those on your homepage.

2. Change Up Your Social Media Messages. Social media is an essential element of online marketing regardless of the time of year. However, during the holiday season, consumers anticipate holiday-themed changes. Change your cover photo or Twitter header to a holiday-themed image.

You can humanize your company by posting images of your company office decorated, your holiday work party, your staff or anything else that will enhance the relationship you have with your customers. If your company or staff does any kind of charitable work during the holiday season, you can talk about that or add pictures related to that.

Post short videos on Instagram or Vine to introduce your products to consumers. A product video has the potential of being far more informative and appealing than a product photo. However, photos are still very important. Increase your activity on Pinterest as well. Post product images that link back to your website. You can create holiday boards like “Gifts for Mom,” “Gifts for Dad,” and “Gifts for Your Furry Friends.”

Host a Pinterest challenge. Have followers pin an image of their favorite product. You can promote the contest through your other social media channels, as well as an email blast and blog post.

3. Increase Your Mobile Presence. Mobile phone usage as a shopping tool has grown significantly in the last year. You need to capitalize on this by increasing your mobile presence. There are three great ways to increase your mobile presence.

First, offer mobile coupons. Researchers are estimating that roughly 10 billion mobile coupons will be used this year. Mobile coupons will help drive more traffic to your website and increase your conversion rates.

Second, offer mobile-only deals. Doing this will increase your subscription rates. You can offer mobile deals for online purchases only. You can also offer a loyalty rewards program for frequent shoppers.

Finally, you can create apps that promote your business while making it easier for customers to access your products. You can offer sneak peaks for big sales, allow customers to create an online wish list, and send them automatic notifications of sales and promotions.

4. Send Out Email Deal Reminders. Use your email list to remind customers of sale deadlines, free shipping days and more. Offer email discounts on multiple purchases. Send out thank you emails after a purchase is made with a special loyalty offer for returning customers.

5. Create an Enjoyable Online Shopping Experience. More and more people are turning to online shopping because they don’t want to deal with the hassle of shopping in stores. Therefore, you need to make sure you are providing a hassle-free online shopping experience. Your website should exude confidence and security. The checkout process should be simple to follow, user-friendly, and fast. A long delay during check out is very frustrating for consumers.

These are just five ways you can maximize your Christmas sales through online marketing.

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