9 Bitcoin Startups Looking for Funding

The Plug and Play Winter Expo heard proposals from several financial technology start ups this year, and 11 of them were focused on the sizzling bitcoin market. Scott Robinson of Plug and Play said, “[bitcoin is] one of the most exciting things in the valley.” While Robinson did mention they invested in multiple companies, they did not disclose which ones yet.

Here are 9 of the bitcoin-based startups looking for funding:

1. Bitwal. According to the CEO of Bitwal, “We offer a way to withdraw bitcoins from traditional ATMs.” The concept of the company is to offer a safe a re-loadable debit card for bitcoin usage.

2. Novelty Lab. Novelty Lab intends to create a full operation exchange to provide users with all their buying needs. Despite their newness, they have already handled 5,400 transactions.

3. CrowdCurity. According to Jakob Storm, co-founder of CrowdCurity, “Online bitcoin businesses are getting hacked everyday.” CrowdCurity offers security for bitcoin companies.

4. BitPagos. Mugur Marculescu, co-founder of BitPagos, told investors the currency in many Latin American Countries is wholly unstable. BitPagos seeks to accept credit cards and pay out with bitcoins in order to protect users from inflation.

5. CoinMKT. CoinMKT provides a currency exchange between the US dollar and seven different decentralized currencies including bitcoins. They base their business off a multitude of alternative currency options.

6. Pawn Coin. Their goal is to provide bitcoin users with immediate liquidity. This makes them more useful to the average user.

7. Vaurum. Avish Bhama, CEO of Vaunrum argues they are trying to make bitcoins more accessible to more users. He argues that their usage is limited by an overall lack of access. He asserts that the biggest drawback to bitcoin usage is the hassle of buying them.

8. Gliph. Gliph offers a bitcoin wallet. According to Rob Banagale, CEO of Gliph, “You download Gliph, attach an existing bitcoin wallet, it’s a simple experience.” They are also looking into starting a peer-to-peer marketplace based on bitcoins.

9. Gambit. Jay Severson, founder of Gambit, explains that the company is offering a real-time multiplayer gaming platform that allows users to use and earn bitcoins.

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