Ads Coming to Facebook Stories

Here come the ads within Facebook Stories. With 150 daily users, Facebook has made the decision to begin testing ads within Stories, and while they aren’t clickable now, they will be soon.  With Stories about to surpass News Feed postings, this move comes just in time for Facebook to take more advertising money away from Snapchat.

Users in the US, Mexico and Brazil can expect to see these five to 15 second skippable videos. Advertisers can move ads from Instagram Stories easily, or simply repurpose New Feed ads with new copy.

Facebook users will also soon gain the ability to share voice posts to their Stories by using the audio option in Facebook Camera.


Boyan Josic is the Founder & CEO of Mogul Media, and the editor of JOSIC Media. Boyan also serves as an advisor to Aeron, SignIX, Velix.ID, and Energy Premier. 

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