Ahoolee, the world’s first product search engine, launches ICO

After a successful pre-sale in May which saw Ahoolee sell $200,000 tokens in the first 30 minutes, the Russian-based company is hosting their ICO this week.

Ahoolee compares online prices worldwide and displays historical product pricing trends, while also facilitating crypto-currency payments for purchases.

The company uses a decentralized platform for collecting and indexing information from open sources with confirmation of authenticity based on the Blockchain technology.

Ahoolee’s CEO, Sergey Ryabov, stated:

“The search technology Google created works perfectly for informational based websites, producing relevant search results. Unfortunately, it does not do a great job searching, filtering and comparing products worldwide, allowing users to filter by price, making it inconvenient.”

Ahoolee’s database currently contains more than 40 million SKUs, and the number grows daily. The company has a goal of increasing that number to 1 billion by the end of 2017, while indexing 50,000 merchants. The service will earn revenue on contextual search advertising and premium-accounts.

Ahoolee’s ICO campaign is selling Ahoolee utility tokens, enabling users to purchase items from any of the merchants indexed in the platform. The campaign launched on Monday and will last through the weekend.

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