Bing Offers Bitcoin Conversion in Search Results

Several years ago, Bing started offering currency conversion through its search engine. All a user had to do was type in a money amount in the search box, and a conversion chart will come up in the results. Now Bitcoin conversions are now also included in search results.

“Bitcoin has been highly discussed and people are looking for information on it.” Microsoft stated offering the conversion information is simply a way to help educate people.

While Google will provide links to bitcoin exchange websites, they do not offer the actual conversions in their currency conversion tool. Bing’s tool will be able to offer real-time exchange rates.

Bing’s exchange tool is being supported by Coinbase. Coinbase is a digital wallet which offers an exchange for buying and selling bitcoins and API’s for bitcoin payment processing.

The real-time exchange rate is a particularly important feature of the Bing currency conversion feature. The value of bitcoins is volatile and can change rapidly without warning.

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