Boyan Josic joins ICO Advisory Board, the next generation of crypto mining, has added Boyan Josic to their advisory board. Boyan will advise the company during their upcoming ICO which begins on September 7, 2018. Founded by Jacobus Donkersloot and Damian Strauss, the goal of is to make Blockchain and cryptographic technology simple and accessible to a broader audience.

Allowing customers to ‘lease’ hashrates for an annual fee leads to far too many questions that companies don’t want to answer: what blocks are being mined, can you prove my hashrates, am I being given all the money I am earning, etc? If we take away the individualistic mindset of mining and instead apply a community mindset we can eliminate a lot of the common problems. Securix, a BTC/BCH mining operation, is a company that offers an alternative and even more to cloud mining.

Where traditional cloud mining forces customers to stay current by continually reinvesting to keep their hashrates competitive, Securix is instead based around a token system that rewards token holders monthly with payments. This type of token based economy helps alleviate a lot of the common cloud mining problems:

  • Users won’t forfeit their investment if the market dips and mining isn’t profitable. Instead, Securix will set a portion of their company profits aside as a reserve to keep the lights on while they wait for the market to recover. In addition, tokens will be secured using smart contracts so they can’t be cancelled or altered until they run their course.
  • Price volatility – If you invest in a cloud mining website and the price of BTC drops heavily, your potential earnings drop heavily with it. With a token based situation, however, your total mining power isn’t based on individual hashrates. Because of this, market fluctuation is far less impactful, and according to Securix’ whitepaper, users can expect an ROI in most cases: Bitcoin price moves up, you earn more; it moves down, you earn less.
  • It can be more tempting to hold BTC and wait for the price to increase, but holding Securix instead will still earn a profit even if BTC drops – you’ll just earn less. If BTC jumps “to the moon” the token revenue will go with it since gross revenues are shared between all holders. The important thing is that token holders continually earn unless BTC completely bottoms out, then the entire market will have a problem.
  • Operating a concrete (literally) facility with a reputable team who has proven business experience. Many cloud mining operations exist solely as websites, forcing users to trust that the mining equipment they are supposedly ‘leasing’ actually exists. Securix already has a facility in the Netherlands (coupled with EAN-2-EAN decentralized energy through EXE Energy) and plans to purchase mining rigs using 85% of the funds raised during their ICO ($0.85 from the every earned dollar).

Securix predicts that it will be mining about 24.5 BTC per day, and at current market prices (~$7,500 BTC) this is about $5,500,000 per month. Once they launch their mining operations, they’re planning to distribute 45% of total gross revenue from mining between all user held tokens equally. They are entirely transparent about the money being earned through mining and where it is all going. The rest of the money earned from selling BTC will be used to pay for electricity/overhead costs (37%), maintain/upgrade the property and equipment and buyback tokens (10%), and other similar tasks.

About Boyan Josic:

Boyan Josic is the Founder & CEO of Mogul MediaJOSIC Media, and the leading ICO management platform, Boyan has been involved as an advisor on numerous ICO and blockchain projects including Aeron, SignIX, Velix.ID, Cashbag, Luckbox, BlockTrics, Stem Cell Innovations, BountyMissions, Blockchain Media, BloxKapital, GoFind, CryptoChats and Energy Premier.


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