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Boyan Josic to advise Libereum for a groundbreaking sports token

Libereum, an ERC20 token which focuses on building a network of users in football clubs, or soccer clubs as they are known in the US, has added Boyan Josic to their advisory board. Josic will advise the company during their upcoming ICO which begins on Friday, September 7 on the ICODashboard platform.

Josic is the Managing Partner of Mogul Media and the founder of ICODashboardJOSIC Media and BankICO. An expert in cryptocurrency , Boyan also serves as a board advisor for over 20 companies including, SignIX, Hydrotank, CryptoChats, Stem Cell Innovations, Blocktrix, and

Libereum, which has raised over $4m in their private round, has already reached an agreement to acquire Elche FC, a football club that plays in the second division in Spain. They are now in discussions with several clubs in Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal for the next acquisition.

The company is planning to use the funds that are raised during the ICO to buy additional football clubs. The project aims to make fans stakeholders in clubs: the more Libereum the fans own, the higher their stake in their club will be.

The Libereum strategy is to drive value to their token by making Libereum the only option to purchase tickets, food and beverages and anything else in the stadium. All the players on the team will be paid in tokens. Any player transfer fees by other clubs will also have to be done in Libereum, which means those clubs will have to buy tokens if they want to purchase a player.

“The Libereum team is doing something truly exciting for any fan of sports,” Josic said. “Giving fans the opportunity to participate in the ownership of sports franchises via a token sale is groundbreaking. It is another example of how the blockchain can impact industries in ways we’ve never imagined.”

Cem Kumlar, Libereum CEO stated:

“I told Boyan we’d become close friends in the future. Little did I know the future would bring so much more. Partnering with ICOdashboard was the best decision in this phase of our project. Signing Boyan as an advisor was the bonus we got on top of that!”

A total of 100 million Libereum tokens will be minted, of which 50 million during the pre-sale and ICO. Tokens that go unsold during the ICO will be added to the remaining stack. During the pre-sale, 10 million tokens were made available at the price of $0.90 each.

The upcoming ICO will be split into five stages. In each stage, eight million tokens will be sold for a higher price each time (beginning at $0.90 and ending at $3).

After the crowd sale has ended, Libereum will be made available for purchase at the regular market price through exchanges. The remaining half will be split into different parts to provide fans, sponsors, partners and everybody else with the opportunity to buy Libereum directly from the company.

About Libereum

Libereum (LIBER) is an ERC20 Token which will initially focus on building a network of users in the sports industry. The company believes that combining Libereum with football has the potential to make cryptocurrencies go mainstream.

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