Building Your Blockchain Brand: What You Should Know

A lot of newbie blockchain companies come across the same problem when it comes to building their brand.

They are having problems when it comes to finding the balance between being dangerously revolutionary, or too traditional and out of touch.

However, the established companies are sticking to the traditional marketing methods. Once the product has been created, they send out a 600 person sales team and pitch a solution that’s hosted and controlled by an individual company.

Neither of these strategies speaks to the companies looking for blockchain solutions that are more than just hype. They are looking for something truly revolutionary that changes the ways in which their business operates.

So, what you should mainly focus on is:

You should bring people together around a common idea

A blockchain is a multi-party tool company use to interact with each other, and not a website or an app. What this means is that all of your traditional sales approaches won’t work.

The main goal of any blockchain is to create a network. Being a developer yourself, you should bring people together around a common idea, problem and a solution. This is the key to building a strong brand.


Inspire people about what they can achieve

Being true to your blockchain ethos will make you realize that branding isn’t about your company, but rather about your customer.

You must communicate what you are doing and help the customer understand the technology and what they could do with it.

You should inspire people to ’’become one’’ with other companies in their industry

Other companies should be willing to come together around a problem and find a solution for it with you.

Industries don’t start with exponential value-added use cases, but rather a pain point, a regulation, or a challenge. This is what brings them together.

This means that you should build your brand around the network, the tools, and the solutions to help them fulfill their goals.

Separate the technology brand from the solution built on top of the networks

A lot of brands want their name on everything they do. This is how they let everyone know who is behind the product, but blockchain companies don’t need to do this, as their value doesn’t come from name recognition, but from the networks you create.

These ecosystems have a focus on a specific industry and have their own brand that goes along with it. When it comes to separating the blockchain company’s brand from that of the ecosystem, you must look for people who will take on the task of deciding what the ecosystem should look like and how it should operate.

You should be on the lookout for the best people to do this, the ones who actually care about the industry and promoting your cause. You should be looking for people who will take ownership of the process.

Your goal will be providing the support and technology these people will need in order to build their own ecosystems. The marketing strategy will revolve around those ecosystems and their potential rather than your brand. This is unlike the traditional marketing approach, where the brand name is associated with the solution to the problem.

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