India is in need of investigating the use of cryptocurrencies in terror funding

Once, one could easily perform certain transactions without having a fear of any type of surveillance. Now, the financial world has been digitalized, that it robbed anyone of their anonymity. And ever since cryptocurrencies appeared, the hope of us having our privacy during transactions is born yet again. That too is a double-edged sword. On the flipside of cryptocurrencies, there…

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Argo Blockchain, First Crypto Company at London Stock Exchange, Raises £25 million

Argo Blockchain ’s market value is £47 million, as the total of 156,250,000 shares is valued at 16 pence per share. Argo is specializing in the cryptocurrency mining and has recently raised £25 million through the IPO (initial public offering). Argo Blockchain plc, is a UK-based provider of te, is the first officially the first company to be listed on…

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UK Blockchain

Member of Parliament Leaves Two Blockchain Roles Over an ICO Deal

UK Member of Parliament has resigned from two blockchain roles after the media accused him of being involved in a secretive pay deal. Grant Shapps has founded the Blockchain APPG alongside yet another Tory MP. Shahad Choudhury, co-founder, and CEO of OpenBrix, disclosed that Shapps had been hired under a consultancy contract and was authorized to a token allocation of…

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Startup Sendy which rewards email recipients for their engagement has raised $500,000 in pre-sale

Sendy, blockchain startup founded in Australia has raised $500,000 in its ICO pre-sale, rewards people simply for their attention. The key is to engage with marketing emails. Sendy was founded last year by two Australians Josh Reyes and George Hartley. Although Sendy is Australian, its headquarters are in Singapore. There were two crypto funds involved in the pre-sale New Zealand…

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