STO: The Preparation

As the SEC comes consistently nearer to a crackdown on the "utility" tokens that function as unregistered securities, another type of token is developing: the security token, supported by true resources, and completely SEC-compliant. Following is what it takes to have successful STO advertising campaigns: Knowing your target consumer Token sellers can look for full enlistment with the SEC, yet…

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Stem Cells

Stem Cells – Unlimited Potential for Human Healthcare Advancement

The success of bone marrow transplantation in increasing the survival of patients with leukemia and other diseases has stimulated research into the potential role of stem cells in treating other human illnesses and conditions. Prior to advancements in stem cell research, doctors collected bone marrow for transplants from a patient’s own bone marrow. With the successes in stem cell research,…

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Institutions of Higher Education Still Hesitant about Crypto Donations

Blockchain technology and digital currencies have attracted not only businessmen but also many students around the world. The question is - why the vast majority of universities are still unwilling to accept crypto donations? Same as many corporations, the universities remain skeptical about digital currency volatility and taxations. The potential of blockchain technology, and digital currencies related topics, still provoke…

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stem cell

Fact or Fiction – What Can Stem Cells Actually do for Humanity?

Stem cell therapies are drastically changing today’s available options for surgery, medication, and physical therapy. With more research, access, and communication, more lives can be changed for the better. Still, sometimes it is hard to know what is really going on and how much promise do stem cells actually hold. Diseases and conditions where stem cell treatment is being investigated…

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Stem Cells Innovations

Medical Records Suck! Stem Cells Innovations Has a Solution for That

Current healthcare systems around the world lack transparency. Patients have no immediate access to their records, which have always been kept by medical professionals. This is the case worldwide, but a new project by the Stem Cell Innovations company, aiming to make stem cell treatments easily available to anyone who needs them, could change this forever through the smart use…

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