5 Terrible Marketing Mistakes

The marketing scene is more different than it used to be, with marketing techniques spreading over various channels. To remain significant, you should marketing reviews occasionally. With such huge numbers of undertakings to execute, you may walk an almost negligible difference and making a couple (or a few) bumbles. 1. Not taking the leap from personalization to individualization. Everyone's discussing personalization,…

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Issues Blockchain Is Facing In The Ad Tech Industry

With regards to digital marketing and the advertisement tech industry, the great promise of a decentralized future has prompted a spate of blockchain activities. The technology gives an answer to the most pressing industry challenges – for example, fraud. Bot traffic, together with the spoofed domain, has been an enormous cerebral pain for everybody associated with the advertisement tech industry.…

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Digital Marketing

6 Main Types Of Digital Marketing

Today, we are talking about digital marketing channels that you must consider if you are creating a marketing strategy for your business. So, let's start! First, do you know what digital marketing means? Well, digital marketing is all marketing activities that use digital devices or services. That includes online marketing activities – but strictly speaking, that also includes some offline marketing as…

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Google Play Releases Social Impact Apps Study and Best Practices

As mobile platforms with global scale and billions of users, Google Play and Android facilitate innumerable connections between people, developers, and nonprofits that create social impact around the world. Today, Google Play is sharing with us new insights into the social impact needs and interests of smartphone users, outlining best practices aimed at helping developers build better social impact apps…

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Building Your Blockchain Brand: What You Should Know

A lot of newbie blockchain companies come across the same problem when it comes to building their brand. They are having problems when it comes to finding the balance between being dangerously revolutionary, or too traditional and out of touch. However, the established companies are sticking to the traditional marketing methods. Once the product has been created, they send out…

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