apple vs samsung

Apple Vs. Samsung

Apple and Samsung are back in court (again), this time to settle the damages Apple are owned from the 2012 ruling that Samsung should pay Apple for its copyright infringement of their products. Samsung has vowed to fight last August’s ruling in which the company was found to have willfully violated seven of Apple’s design and utility patents, including those…

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coupons, promotions, daily deals

Couponing, Both Online And Offline

As our world becomes increasingly digital, it baffles many consumers that companies are still investing so much money into the paper-based promotion mechanisms of the past. The data shows that on the whole, consumers are still interested in using these traditional couponing methods, and these coupons actually work in terms of creating repeat purchase trends, fostering brand loyalty, and generating…

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traditional marketing strategies

Are you Ignoring Traditional Marketing Strategies?

These days digital marketing has all the hype, well warranted in most cases. Despite the effectiveness of your digital marketing channels, it would be foolish to completely ignore traditional marketing strategies. PayAnywhere, a leading mobile payments solution provider recently came out with a list of traditional marketing tactics that should still be utilized by SMB's looking for additional bang for…

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Smartphones Subscriptions Predicted to Give Big Boost to Mobile Industry

The mobile industry is pointing to smartphone subscriptions for the projected surge in growth. This from third quarter mobile phone sales data released by Ericsson earlier today. The telecommunications company says that sales of smartphones made up 55%of all handset sales worldwide during the quarter. While sales may be up, smartphones still only account for approximately 25% of mobile phone…

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