Stem Cells Innovations

Medical Records Suck! Stem Cells Innovations Has a Solution for That

Current healthcare systems around the world lack transparency. Patients have no immediate access to their records, which have always been kept by medical professionals. This is the case worldwide, but a new project by the Stem Cell Innovations company, aiming to make stem cell treatments easily available to anyone who needs them, could change this forever through the smart use…

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security token

Meet the Security Tokens

Token represents a unit of certain value that is released by an organization and based on blockchain technology and serves in cases where cryptocurrency is unable to be used. They exist digitally and unlike the Bitcoins, they are not made from mining but are made by an individual or entity that already has some kind of digital currency. Cryptocurrencies can…

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Blockchain can do more than just ‘cryptocurrencies’

When you hear the word „blockchain“ what is the first thought that crosses your mind? Did you think of „bitcoin“ or „cryptocurrency“? Many people think how blockchain technology is just 'digital currencies'. But this kind of technology provides a wide range of application possibilities. Blockchain technology is said to be the main technology in the future which is going to…

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ICOs End: STOs Are Taking The Stage

With ICOs experiencing administrative developing pains, with fake input from the prevailing press and low achievement rate, we should endeavor to discover more palatable methods for financing blockchain technology that is more authentic. Security token offerings, STOs, are along these lines the new kid on the crypto block. In the event that ICOs in spite of an absence of direction…

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Stem Cell Innovations

SCI: People don’t have to know our names, but they will know how we changed the world

After 20 years of experience, Moe Galal, Founder and Chief Executive of Stem Cell Innovations, and Ben Barel, Co-Founder of SCI and Chief Operations Officer hope to usher in the next generation of medicine using stem cells and other advanced technologies and we are interested to discover how, so we started our conversation. With their SCI team, they are devoted to the…

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Boyan Josic, Mogul Media fund Serbia Blockchain Startup

Mogul Media has come to funding terms with Serbia Blockchain (, a blockchain startup based in Belgrade, Serbia.  Serbia Blockchain is leading the charge for blockchain growth and development in Serbia. Boyan Josic, CEO of Mogul Media stated: “Serbia has great potential from both a product development standpoint given its rich history in programming talent, and also from an economic standpoint. Embracing blockchain…

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The Downside of Venture Capital

Raising millions through venture capital funding allows startups the luxury of rapid growth and not having to worry about how the bills are getting paid. In addition to capital, you gain partners who are connected and have enjoyed large-scale success. But there are downsides to venture capital that you need to consider before starting the process or inking that term…

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Indomitable Digitization: 5 Simple Marks on Advantages of the Digital Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa

Figures show that the digital economy is becoming a large part of the global economy worldwide. In many Sub-Saharan African countries, some aspects of the digital economy have already had a huge impact on the daily life of the population. This is particularly similar for mobile payment. In a country like Kenya, mobile payment represent 10% of its annual GDP.…

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