Desirum VR

Fibrum Launches Desirium VR Platform With $1 Million in Funding

Fibrum has just announced the launch of the Desirium VR platform that has a potential of changing the VR content distribution market. Fibrum received an investment of $1 million for the launch of Desirium. The FunCubator and NP Capital funds led the investment round. Desirium is a unique product for the VR market, through which entertainment content is distributed. On September 19, 2018,…

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3 Online Tools for Effective Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential to the success of an online business. Your landing page is where unique visitors are directed when they click a link to your website. An effective landing page is one that is visually appealing, informative, contains great copy and promotes high conversion rates. There is nearly endless online tools design to help you create effective landing…

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