Comedian John Pinette Found Dead

John Pinette, age 50, was found dead in his Pittsburg hotel room on Saturday. The news was confirmed by Larry Schapiro, Pinette’s manager. The cause of death has been declared nature; he died of a pulmonary embolism.

Pinette has worked as a stand-up comic for several decades. However, he is commonly well-known for his role on the season finale of Seinfeld. He was the man mugged in the finale, which caused Jerry, Kramer, George and Elaine to be jailed for not helping him.

Pinette also played Bumpo in the 2004 film, “The Punisher.” Although the film was about an undercover FBI agent who becomes a vigilante after his family is murdered, Pinette’s character was a somewhat comical one. He was the “funny fat guy” in the film. He also starred in movies such as “Junior,” “Dear God,” and “Duets.”

Pinette suffered from liver and heart disease. He suffered from health issues related to both his weight and a pill addiction. Pinette regularly made jokes about his weight during his stand-up routine. In August 2013, Pinette entered rehab to drop an addiction to pills. He was forced to reschedule several performances due to his time in rehab.

In late 2013, he also underwent several surgeries to lose weight. At the time, Pinette stated, “After losing a bunch of weight and having several small surgical procedures, I’m physically spent.”

However, in January 2014, he took more time off from his tour. According to Pinette, “I didn’t give myself enough time to heal this past fall and it has caught up with me. But I’m on the mend and I promised to hit the stage as soon as humanly possible.”

On Friday, April 4th, Pinette tweeted, “Happy Fri! Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!” This was his last tweet as he was found dead the next day.

Pinette began his comedy career in the early 1990s.

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