Cryptocurrency abdicates the throne to blockchain?

Cryptocurrency has finally given up its throne and, according to what Google search data reveals, blockchain is now holding the 1stplace when it comes to this finance-related topic.

For the first time, this slight change has been noticed in July this year, after which has started to appear more often.

However, Bitcoin continues to be the most commonly searched “crypto” term, leaving both “cryptocurrency” and “blockchain” terms far behind, but, even though some changes have been noticed, the data shows that searches for these three terms have remained relatively close in popularity over the past five years.

Google explains that the data based on Trends are relative and, although all the information has to pass various procedures with the objective to obtain the precise result, it is impossible to tell what the real numbers for “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” are.


What we may be sure about, according to the information on the internet, is that crypto-enthusiast are extremely excited to be part of the blockchain world due to the technology that it uses, which recently has drawn attention to so many people.

The story about the battle between blockchain and cryptocurrencies, in which cryptocurrencies get defeated, is slowly becoming a popular mainstream narrative and it is what JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, among other things, has mentioned in an interview at Axios Conference.

So, what remains to us is to see how long this tendency will last.

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