Digital Signage – The Latest Technology in Advertising

Electronic displays showing video clips with music and / or other informative messages are all forms of Digital Signage. This technology is gaining a strong foothold in the advertising and media industry due to its reach and the time taken to deliver important messages to a wide range of consumers. Also referred to as Out of Home Advertising, it has tremendous benefits over the traditional static signs being used in advertising. Even though the initial investment is more than that of the latter, it offers a higher return on investment (ROI). Information is relayed to a target audience in real time and it can be changed immediately without any added investment.

Due to this dynamic feature, it is also known as Dynamic Digital Signage. It gives the users flexibility to update content more easily and can adapt to the context and audience based on time and preferences. There are numerous advantages of using this technology, some of which include influencing customer behavior, building brand loyalty and name, providing information to consumers at the right time, increased sales by encouraging cross sales of complimentary products, improvement of work productivity and marketing communication channels And saving costs and time. For some businesses, it is also a revenue generating source as a space of advertising purchased by a particular industry can be leased out to someone else. Based on the medium of display which is being used, the information can be presented on full screens, split screen presentation, slide shows or a video presentation.

With digital signage solutions, it is very important to update content regularly in order to ensure that the right information is being displayed. Updates can either be done through a scheduling system, manually or by using a data feed from a content provider. A variety of hardware is also required to display the information and deliver it at the specific location and to the intended people. In order to operate efficiently, this solution requires display screens which can be in the form of LCD or plasma screens, LED’s, projectors etc. Along with a content management server. By connecting these over a network and through the internet one can make this solution effective.

Used in various arenas such as airports, railway and bus terminals, hospitals, commercial and financial institutions, digital signage is a technology which is revolutionizing the way information is relayed.
Source by Peter Disuja

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