The (DCNT) Pre-ICO is Underway

The much anticipated pre-ICO for has kicked off this week and will last five days, closing on Friday August 25. During the pre-ICO, a total of 10 million of the 100 million tokens will be made available for sale. This will be followed by the main ICO in October or November of this year where an additional 35 million DCNT tokens will be sold.

DigitalContent (DCNT) is developing a revolutionary new platform for content creators to create, track and sell exclusive, “ready-to-publish” digital assets like articles, white papers, infographics, videos and landing pages to publishers.

The blockchain-based platform will allow digital assets to be secured and monetized by content creators and distributed for sale or licensing to publishers and advertisers.

Boyan Josic, the Founder & CEO of stated:

“Our platform will enable creators to boost their earnings by spending more time on creating content instead of looking for projects. In return, publishers will have access to content they can immediately purchase and publish, saving them time and money.”

The content marketplace will be token driven with content buyers using DCNT tokens to purchase and license content items. Content creators will also be able to secure and track content items with a digital asset token called DAST. DAST tokens will function as a “proof of ownership” token, providing both content creators and publishers a ledger tracking the origination, smart-contract terms and performance of each individual content item.

The DigitalContent platform will have in-depth content tracking tools, providing creators with tools to track the historical performance of every content item they’ve ever created, including insights on where their content is hosted, the transactional terms and even performance metrics like impressions and clicks.

These features will enable creators to sell or license content on their terms. For example, instead of listing an item at a set price, they may choose to license content on pay-per-performance terms like clicks or impressions. These terms are secured by smart-contracts in the blockchain using the DAST token.

According to the token distribution plan, 50% of the total 100 million DCNT tokens will be sold through the ICO to funding contributors. 20 million tokens are being set aside for content creators who will be incentivized and paid with tokens to jump-start the marketplace with high-quality content. No additional DCNT tokens will be issued in the future.

Visit DigitalContent for more information.

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