Fantasy football (soccer) tournaments platform with tokenized trading cards.
ICO Date
May 24, 2017
GSM Dome is the ultimate resource for smartphone news, reviews and the latest professional info on handsets.
KICKICO is a single, unified platform for cryptocurrency crowdfunding.
ICO Date
Aug 29, 2017
A platform for issuing blockchain-based wills for crypto-assets.
ICO Date
Jul 19, 2017
A distributed autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in new blockchain projects–similar to The DAO.
ICO Date
May 1, 2017
Androinica is an Android blog that helps users get the most out of the Google Android operating system. They are dedicated to covering Android app reviews, news, phones, tutorials, and tips to master must-have devices.
U.CASH enables conversion between fiat and cryptocurrencies through retail locations.
ICO Date
Sep 8, 2017
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