A user-friendly currency transfer app, similar to Venmo, that rewards users for converting fiat to cryptocurrency.
ICO Date
May 26, 2017
Coding Horror is Jeff Atwood?s personal blog, which tackles issues related to programming and human factors.
A platform for incentivizing crowdsourced information gathering using tokenized rewards.
ICO Date
Sep 15, 2017
Asset backed token creation and trading platform on Etheruem.
ICO Date
Jul 31, 2017
A platform for the registration and distribution of user generated multimedia content.
ICO Date
Mar 15, 2017
A tokenized financial investment system that operates a decentralized financial trading Artificial Intelligence.
ICO Date
Jun 14, 2017
Geekosystem is a website attempting at showing the interconnection among gadgets, computers, comics, sci-fi and topics relate to the web culture.
Founded in 2006, GigaOM has grown into the leading provider of online media, events and research for global technology innovators.
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