Technabob features new and unusual gadgets, gizmos, video games and other tech toys from around the globe.
Webdesigner Depot is a platform designed to explore different web and graphic design techniques, great examples and best practices.
Over 13 years online, Anandtech Article channel attempts to provide in-depth reviews of the latest and greatest PC and consumer electronics technology. is a website dedicated to bringing the latest news, views and reviews of Windows Phone 7 handsets and other devices.
Inside Facebook is the leading source of news and analysis on Facebook?s global growth, corporate developments, and product innovations
How-to Geek is a wensite aimed at being the best source of How-To articles anywhere, with content easy enough for beginners but useful enough for geeks as well.
Google Mobile Blog shares news and notes from the Google mobile team.
AndroidSPIN is dedicated to bringing you the latest Android news from around the globe; from hardware and software to general gossip and rumors, from the latest device modifications to full blown application reviews, we cover just about anything new on the Android scene.
Android phone Fans, as its name indicates, is a website focused on android phones and everything related to them.
Geeky Gadgets is designed to provide up to the minute daily technology news on the latest advances in the technology sector including software, hardware and gadgets from around the world.
This blog is about announcements and release notes for the google chrome browser.
On this blog, Staff from the BBC’s online and technology teams talk about BBC Online, BBC iPlayer, and the BBC’s digital and mobile services.
Established in 2004, Chip Chick was a pioneer in the blogosphere, becoming amongst the first sites to focus on technology for women.
Digital Trends helps people make the most of the hi-tech lifestyle by providing sneak peeks, one-of-a-kind product reviews, editorials and technology news about trendsetting consumer products and services.
BGR is a leading online destination for news and commentary focused on the mobile and general consumer electronics markets.
Crave is a blog from CNET Asia, which covers technological news including curiosities of the tech world.
This is the official Gmail blog covering News, tips and tricks from Google?s Gmail team and friends.
This is Scott Hanselman?s blog which focuses on technological issues, based on Scott?s expertise from year of experience at Microsoft.
Tech Cocktail is a literal ?cocktail? of emerging technology and startup events, news, resources and reports for the entrepreneurial minded, tech enthusiast.
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