A tokenized game themed after ancient Roman gladiatorial games. Players can create, train and equip their gladiator for battle, gaining fame and profit along the way.

Here is your opportunity to invest in the future of Online Gladiator Combat!

Invest now in the Crowdsale, and receive the initial disbursement of FAME, an ERC20 Compliant Token which will be the core of the entire BattleDrome experience!

FAME per ETH: 100
Goal: 50,000 FAME Sold
Max FAME: 2,000,000 FAME
5% of minted FAME goes to Dev Team

All un-sold FAME will be burned

Escrow: Secured! Provided by: monbux (more info here)

  • No Pre-sale before ICO, 100% of FAME for ICO
  • Realistic limits on budgets
  • Gradual/Controlled release of funds to devs by Escrow
  • Limits on individual dev income (to allow scaling team)
  • Development has been underway for 2 years now
  • Proof of concept already completed
  • Beta to be launched shortly after ICO completion!
  • ICO Funding will greatly accelerate development


ICO Date
Jul 1, 2017