An investment trading fund that trades cryptocurrency pairs using proprietary volume analysis algorithms.
ICO Date
Aug 1, 2017
TaaS is a tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain markets.
ICO Date
Mar 27, 2017
A private blockchian based on Ethereum designed for the exchange of financial products.
ICO Date
Jul 1, 2017
Webdesigner Depot is a platform designed to explore different web and graphic design techniques, great examples and best practices.
Over 13 years online, Anandtech Article channel attempts to provide in-depth reviews of the latest and greatest PC and consumer electronics technology.
An Ethereum-based content marketplace that facilitates transactions between creators, distributors and consumers with smart contracts.
ICO Date
Aug 10, 2017
An augmented reality creature fighting game built on the Bitcoin network.
ICO Date
Jan 31, 2017
ICO Funding
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