DVD-R Hard Drive Recorder Media Center

I have been putting up with prerecorded television on its traditional formats for years now.

I guess that it would have been around 3 or 4 years ago when I decided that I could do without the VHS, it was a sad day saying goodbye to some of the movies I owned on Video Cassette but it was a relief to not only lose The necessity to store these bible sized monsters in the house, but also to remove the triple wired dinosaur form the living room. Well this old relic of my youth had been replaced with a normal DVD player and soon my DVD collection started in earnest.

The trouble is that I do not really want to store large items of digital media anymore. My music has all been compressed down into 320kbps mp3, my photos are all now burned onto DVD's and stored in triplicate.

So I start converting my DVD's and ripping them onto my hard drive. Trouble is that before long I have almost 60 Gig of movies and really I prefer to watch them on my TV than on the PC screen.Then a solution occurs to me, a complete home entertainment solution.

I needed mass storage and it was only going to be a matter of time before I found a solution.

There was, a DVD hard disc recorder which could like everything I wanted and here it is: Philips Hard Disc DVD Recorder with 250gig hard drive.

First I networked it into my PC and dragged across 80 Gig of movies in DivX format (that is about 100 films). Next my photos for the past few years (some 30 Gig) were imported followed by 30 Gig of music in mp3 format to join the party.

Next I hooked up the DVDr recorder to my TV (sadly I am not yet an owner of a flatscreen TV but that is certainly only a matter of time) and piped the excellent audio connection to my home hifi.

The results are superb, even though I have not even explored this unit's impressive recording capacity – and it is capable of that lovely Video Plus thing – I have now a complete home media center at a very attractive price.

Hard drive DVDr machines are available at Telephones Online [http://www.telephonesonline.co.uk/_dvdr_recorders.asp] whilst the model I purchased was the DVDR3460H Philips Hard Disc DVD Recorder [http://www.telephonesonline.co. Uk / details.asp? ProdID = 1659 & title = Philips + Hard + Disc + DVD + Recorder]

Previously I had tried various abortive options. This now has restored my house to a complete full on media experience.

Source by Alexis Svenn

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