Elevating Customer Service and Talent

How many times do we leave a retailer and feel that we – the consumer have experienced excellent customer service? Unfortunately not often enough – especially in the current economic climate!

All too often we experience mediocre service with little enthusiasm or the desire to provide the customer with an experience that will create loyalty or that will continue to bring us back. Why do some retailers not understand that average customer service is no longer enough and when they do recognize that – how do they attract the right talent for their roles?

It’s no mystery – we all know when we receive great service – it stays with us. Not long ago I experienced customer service at its best! Ultimately by going beyond what was expected and providing strong knowledge of the product/merchandise, having patience and a keen interest in helping – not only did I leave feeling special – I got service that would continue to bring me back.

The experience I had was not as common as it should be – sadly a great customer service experience happens rarely when it should happen every time we walk into a store or business. In today’s changing climate and with all of the options that are available to the consumer including online shopping from the comfort of home – it remains key to hire exceptional talent that will continue to elevate the level of service and leadership within an organization. Once you have the talent a continued focus on learning, product knowledge and the customer experience should be supported and implemented on an ongoing basis.

Retailers historically have had difficulty attracting and retaining qualified field staff -customer experience/sales/store managers/operations, etc. because the industries pay scale is generally so low and the talent that is hired does not bring the passion and dedication to their roles.

There are forward thinking retailers that are standing out and have recognized the need for their compensation to reflect the talent desired and the market – thus allowing them to attract those high caliber candidates/employees.

Finding a search firm that works with these retailers can be challenging at best as many claim to be specialist in the retail world, but really don’t have the in depth understanding of the industry, client or the “fit” that is required.

The benefit of finding and working with a search firm who “gets it” can help you to stand out with these retailers – through a true retail recruitment partnership in which your recruiter and agency know the type of consumer that their client serves and has the understanding of the culture and fit that is key to their client’s organization.

Source by Candace McAllister

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