Email Marketing: Helpful Resources & Mistakes to Avoid

Email marketing success depends on execution, building your list properly, and providing content that your subscribers will find valuable. Building a loyal list of subscribers could take years and keeping them engaged takes skill.  Let’s take a look at five mistakes that could not only kill your email campaign, but also do long-term damage to your list.

1. Ineffective balance of content and photos. Large blocks of text do not grab and hold the attention of readers. They appear to be too much work, and people scan for keywords, or only pay attention the bold text. People could miss the message because the content is unbalanced. Even so, emails with too many images raise red flags. People associate an abundance of images with spam. It is important to strike the right content balance, using text and images in their most effective proportions.

2. Failing to clean email lists. Pay attention to your email marketing analytics. Don’t send emails to people who don’t want to receive them. Some people are too lazy to unsubscribe, but you can see from your reports that they haven’t opened any emails from you in months. It’s safe to say those people are not interested. Remove them from your list and focus on people who want to receive your emails.

3. Being boring. Change things up a bit. Keep your emails exciting. Test out new designs and find ways to keep the attention of your readers. Don’t send emails just to get an email out. Always have a purpose and make sure your content is not going to be a waste of time.

4. Forgetting the end goal. Your emails may be great. People may love receiving emails from you, but are you achieving your goal? Email marketing is a part of a funnel that should drive recipients to do something. Maybe you need to get them to your website. No matter how much people enjoy your content, if it doesn’t generate a phone call, a click, some sort of action that you measure success, you’re not achieving your objective.

5. Doing it on your own. This can be tempting, but it’s not the way to go unless you have the majority of your time to dedicate to it and the knowledge to execute. If you are going it alone, there are tools you can use to make it easier which we outline below.

Email Marketing Tools & Resources

Here are some good resources that we would recommend checking out:

Litmus Scope:  We all save good emails sent to us and use them for ideas. Scope provides you with tools to inspect the code of any emails you’ve received and also preview your own. An awesome tool that’s also free. They also have a Mac version you can download here.

MailChimp Tools: Everyone has their own preference when it comes to the ESP they use, but if you are just starting out, MailChimp is highly recommended. Not only are your first 2,000 subscribers free, but their platform comes with some really useful tools.  From subject line checkers to automated campaigns, workflow tools and enhanced analytics, MailChimp ranks as one of our favorites.

BriteVerify: Have an old list that you haven’t used in a while? Are you loading a new list from an event or offline marketing campaign? You better test it prior to loading it into your ESP account. BriteVerify provides a service that will test and analyze your list in minutes, providing you with a list of valid emails.

Raven URL Builder: If you’re using Google Analytics to track your email campaigns, this is a tool worth checking out. It allows you to tag URL’s with custom variables, allowing you to track which campaigns are performing the best.

Buying Email Lists: You should know by now not to purchase email lists and load them in your ESP. If you don’t know this or are considering this, here is an excellent article you should read.

Email Campaign Design: The design of your campaigns are important. Here is an article that covers 7 design mistakes that make readers trash your emails.


Boyan Josic is the Founder & CEO of Mogul Media, and the editor of JOSIC Media. Boyan also serves as an advisor to Aeron, SignIX, Velix.ID, and Energy Premier. 

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