Embracing the Growth in Mobile Commerce for Small Businesses

There are over 4 billion wireless devices currently in use worldwide. Of those, over 1 billion are smart phones. Mobile commerce has grown so fast because it is convenient for users that already have full access to the internet through their mobile devices all day.

The growth of mobile commerce was really inevitable with the explosion of mobile device usage. Mobile devices also provide a sense of immediacy for users. When they see something they want to buy, there is no reason to wait. Even if they are standing in line at the bank, they can easily make purchases on their phone.

According to a 2013 survey conducted by Google, 70% of users were more likely to buy from a website that was mobile friendly. Seeing as how this survey was conducted over a year ago, it is expected that this percentage is even higher now. Having a website that is “mobile friendly” means having a responsive website.

While having a responsive website may seem overly obviously for many, there are still thousands of currently active e-commerce websites that are do not utilize a responsive design. Although portions of these websites are still going to be viewable on most mobile devices, they are increasingly difficult to navigate and not all the features will work or be visible on a mobile device.

For small businesses wishing to embrace mobile commerce, the first and most important step is to switch to a responsive design, so that your website will be “mobile friendly.” If you already have a responsive design, you need to start tailoring your content and marketing to mobile users. For example, mobile users respond more quickly to image and video-based content, opposed to written content.

Another feature that can be integrated into a website to increase their usability for mobile customers is a one-click purchasing option. This would allow users to make purchases without having to look up and reenter their payment information each time. There are several mobile payment solution services that offer one-click purchasing.

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