5 Females Killing it in Tech Right Now

Despite the odds being stacked against them, women founders are currently killing it in the technology sector. With 50% less access to funding and with only 7% of venture capitalist money supporting their products, women who are financed typically perform 63% better than their male counterparts.

While there’s still a long way yet to go, the tech sector has made some significant grounds in recent years, with plenty of high-profile media coverage leading to greater awareness of the roadblocks faced by women at the top of their game in tech careers.

As inspiration for women considering a future in technology, this list takes a look at ten enterprising female entrepreneurs who have successfully overseen rapid expansion within their company and who are showing amazing potential for further growth.

1. Reshma Saujani, Girls Who Code, NYC

Reshma Saujani, Girls Who Code

There is a trend for women to be less and less interested in coding the older they get, and women today are actually less involved in computer science than they were in the 1980’s. Inversely, technology is one of the fastest growing industries, with 1.4 million jobs predicted to be available by 2020. U.S. graduates are projected to fill 29% of those jobs, with women estimated to fill just 3%.

This is where Reshma Saujani steps in. Her incredible non-profit initiative, Girls Who Code, focuses on girls between the ages of 13-17, which is where the biggest drop in interest occurs. By encouraging more girls to code and learn about computers while they are young, Reshma hopes to empower more women to become ‘change agents’ in their communities and to actively contribute to an economy which they largely make up: the Internet.

  • Women are responsible for 85% of all online consumer purchases and with 600% greater social media usage than men

  • In 2014 only 75,000 women graduated from computer science across the U.S.

  • One of the biggest and fastest growing companies on this list with backing from AOL, Google, Microsoft and AT&T

  • Established in 2012 with a class of just 20 girls, Girls Who Code now supports 40,000 women across all 50 states

2. Ida Tin, Clue, Copenhagen / Berlin

Ida Tin, Clue, Copenhagen - Berlin

One of the pioneers of #FemTech, Ida Tin has created a product that has filled a huge and largely unspoken gap in the market—female sexual health. Her app, Clue, allows women to easily track their monthly cycle with a user-friendly, intuitively designed app that fits in with women’s daily, or monthly, lives. Tin’s vision for her product was to take menstruation “out of taboo land” and to start “a reproductive health revolution.”

“So long!” mysteries of womanhood, “Hello!” awareness and empowerment! This app will improve the life of anyone currently experiencing monthly cycles, and for that we can thank Ms. Tin.

  • Clue was initially released in 2013 and is available on iOS, Android and Apple watch

  • The app has over 2.5 million users in 180 different countries

  • The startup raised $10 million from various backers including Union Square Ventures, Mosaic Ventures

  • Before her start-up success, Ida Tin led motorcycle tours around the world and published a bestselling book about the experience

3. Anu Duggal, Female Founders Fund, NYC

Anu Duggal, Female Founders Fund, NYC

Anu Duggal is a successful serial entrepreneur turned founding partner of Female Founders Fund. The company’s focus is on areas where women have the most impact which, as we already learned, means e-commerce and other web-enabled products and services.

Self-described as “an early-stage fund investing in the exponential power of exceptional female talent,” Female Founders Fund seeks to address the issue of women receiving significantly less financing than men. Their motto: “It’s not just about women. It’s about talent.”

  • Anu Duggal previously set up e-commerce company Exclusively.Com

  • FFF was established in 2013 and now has 26 companies within their portfolio

  • Duggal holds an MBA from the London Business school and speaks fluent French

4. Ayah Bdeir, LittleBits, Lebanon / NYC

Ayah Bdeir, LittleBits, Lebanon - NYC

Ayah Bdeir is the owner of New York City based startup that provides the ‘Lego of electronics’ as well as a high-profile speaker on the importance of creating gender neutral STEM/STEAM tools for children and adults alike. Bdeir has been recognised by Fast Company as one of the “Most Creative People in Business,” and was named a fellow by Creative Commons. Her work with open source hardware and the democratisation of technology has made her a pioneer of the Maker Movement, earning her endless respect within the technology sector.

Her product, LittleBits are easy to use, snap together modular building blocks which enable users to easily create any invention that comes to mind.

  • Launched in September 2011 and now available in over 7 countries

  • So far, the open source library has over 60 modules with plenty more to come

  • Bdeir has been a speaker at TEDX and SXSW about her vision of the future for open source technology

  • Alongside being a founder, Bdeir is also an interactive artist who explores the representations of identity within the Arab world

5. Melanie Mohr, YEAY, Berlin

Melanie Mohr, YEAY, Berlin

As only the second female founder ever backed by their venture capital funder, you know Melanie Mohr has something special to offer the world. Her new company, YEAY, is described as what you would get if “eBay and Snapchat had a baby.”

The app provides a platform for users to sell items with vertical videos, a game changer for the current mobile shopping market. With female leaders primed to take over the e-commerce world, expect to see big things from Mohr and her young company. “Mobile video shopping is the future,” says Mohr. “In five years, traditional e-commerce websites will be the same as how we look at mail-order catalogues now.”

  • Mohr previously ran her own media platform APOLLO.TV, a creative space for viewers to watch videos on the latest in art, design and technology

  • YEAY launched its open public beta version in June this year, prior to the launch the app already gained 7.5 million followers on social media platforms

  • The company has 35 employees from 13 nationalities with 49% female ratio

  • One of the fastest growing startups in Berlin they are on track to continue this expansion within the global market, with forecasts of doubling their user base and tripling the number of sellers on the app in the next three months

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