Fluzcoin.io ,  a cryptocurrency With NO Transaction Fees And NO Excess Volatility


A new coin called Fluzcoin, is trying to simultaneously solve four issues that current cryptocurrencies have not been able to solve: speed, cost, compliance and excess volatility, thereby creating an intelligent digital currency ready for mass adoption.

Avoiding these downsides of cryptocurrencies and at the same time the lack of value increase of fiat currency pegged stablecoins, Fluzcoin prevents excess volatility by creating a self-correcting system (US Patent Office pending: 62/648,206) where rules and AI based central banking algorithms constantly steer the Fluzcoin supply and demand.

Considering that demand for money does not grow in a simple and linear fashion, Fluzcoin introduces steering mechanisms that create and remove coins. These mechanisms in the traditional world of fiat currencies would be steered by a board of directors of a central bank; at Fluzcoin they are in the hands of an algorithm, EUNOMIA. This comes with three major advantages: Full Transparency, On Demand Price Stabilization and Dynamic Learning.

Fluzcoins is the first coin that effectively enables regular consumers the “mining” of new coins by mere holding of Fluzcoins without the necessity to engage into hardware infrastructure and technical expertise for the mining operations (example Bitcoin).

Fluzcoin is not tied to a certain state of the blockchain technology landscape, therefore its underlying infrastructure does not run the risk of becoming technically obsolete (as in first generation cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin) as time passes by.

Fluzcoin will be initially available through a coin tokensale and on a continuous basis through the issuance to the holders of Fluzcoin.

For merchants:

  • Zero transaction costs
  • Clear Know-your- customer (KYC)
  • By being built on the immutability of blockchain systems Fluzocin is
    default risk free
  • Merchants may build their own loyalty coins on top of the Fluzcoin
    system leveraging its mechanisms and technology
  • Market Intelligence into consumer behaviour
  • Immediate availability of collected funds and convertibility into FIAT

For consumers:

  • Prices in Fluzcoin are likely to be less than their FIAT counterpart
    as merchants are able to pass on a portion of their transaction cost
    savings towards the consumer
  • In line with global trends towards cash-less mobile payments
  • Fluzcoin offers consumers the opportunity to build wealth by
    holding Fluzcoin on a steady basis
  • In stark contrast to rewards programmes of credit card companies
    or airlines whose rewards often expire after a certain lapse of time,
    rewards issued in Fluzcoin appreciate according to mechanisms
    outlined above

In its early stage, Fluzcoin has already drawn interested from hundreds
of retail store locations and continuously expands its initial partner

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