Forex Trading – 5 Essential Facts You Need to Understand to Win

Here we are going to give you some forex facts you will need to know, before you start to trade. These facts you should understand before trading, if you do not you will lose …

Here are your forex facts that if you understand them can lead you to forex trading success.

1. Expert Advisors are Not Experts!

In most instances the sellers selling forex robots, systems and trading signals are not experts at all and by expert I mean proven traders. They use hyped copy to sell meaningless paper simulations and traders buy them and lose. Be very wary of anyone claiming to be an expert.

2. Markets are an Odds Game Only!

You get a lot of people who will tell you you can predict with scientific accuracy but this is simply not true.

If of course you could, we would all know the answer in advance and there would be no market. There an odds games and that means you will take losses along the way.

3. Simplicity Is Better than Complex

50 years ago before powerful computers and forecasting methods 95% of traders lost and they still do today. So all the advances in the period have not improved the number of winners.

Success depends on a simple system which you understand and can apply with confidence. If you can do this, you will have the next key point covered.

4. A Good Method will NOT Ensure Success

Because you have to keep your emotions in check and apply it with discipline.

Discipline is the key! You have to keep executing your trading signals through periods of losses until you hit a home run. If you do not apply your method with discipline, you do not have one!

5. Forex Trading is a learned Skill and to Inspire You

Anyone can learn to win at forex trading – it’s a learned skill not a god given gift.
This was proved in a famous experiment when trading legend Richard Dennis taught a group of people with no experience, to trade in 14 days and they went on to make $ 100 million. How did he do it?

He taught them a simple method and cave them confidence in it from the ground up so they would have the discipline to apply it.

Success Rests on the Following and it’s a Fact

So to win you do not have to work hard but you do need to work smart and get the right education and mindset. If you do this you can win and you can enjoy currency trading success. Always keep in mind this fact the market does not beat the trader, the trader beats himself. You can win but success is in your hands – Good Luck!

Source by Kelly Price

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