GoDaddy’s Afternic the Largest Domain Name Sales Platform in China

In September 2013, GoDaddy acquired Afternic from NameMedia. Afternic is a domain name sales platform that specializes in aftermarket names. These are domain names that have already been registered, but are now available again. Aftermarket domain names dramatically increases the availability of domain names for new users.

Afternic enables GoDaddy to provide users a better shopping and registration experience by offering them more options within their already easy to use system. GoDaddy was able to address many of the common complaints they received from users concerning the availability of .com domain names. The acquisition of Afternic also expanded GoDaddy’s customer base.

This week Afternic announced that Xinnet has joined their domain name distribution network. Xinnet is the second largest domain name registration in China with 1.17 million .com registrations. They are second to HiChina, which has 1.44 million .com registrations.

Afternic already has an established relationship with HiChina, the largest domain name registration platform in China. HiChina joined Afternic in 2012. With both Xinnet and HiChina in the Afternic system, they are now the largest providers of domain name registrations in all of China.

Although the availability of names based on suffixes will be expanded at the end of this month, Afternic now has 18 of the 20 top domain name registrations in its system. At the end of January, over 1000 new suffixes will be added to possible registrations. This project has been in the works for nearly a decade as their have been growing concerns over the availability of .com domain names.

It is still unclear exactly how the new suffixes will change the landscape of domain name registration platforms. While .com has been the most popular suffix since the beginning, the new options will allow businesses to choose suffixes that coordinate better with their business like .clothing or .tattoo.

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