Google Play Releases Social Impact Apps Study and Best Practices

As mobile platforms with global scale and billions of users, Google Play and Android facilitate innumerable connections between people, developers, and nonprofits that create social impact around the world.

Today, Google Play is sharing with us new insights into the social impact needs and interests of smartphone users, outlining best practices aimed at helping developers build better social impact apps and highlighting some incredible apps that create social impact around the world.

Recent research by Google Play has shown that almost ¾ of Play developers are very interested in using their apps and games to create a positive impact on society. This sentiment is particularly strong for developers based in emerging economies, where ⅘are showing strong interest in using their apps and games for social impact purposes.

Aiming to better understand these needs, this summer Google Play conducted research into smartphone user sentiment on social impact and analyzed over eight thousand responses from people in eight different countries; including the US, Japan, Mexico, and Brazil.

The findings suggest that two in three smartphone users have experienced at least one social impact need and that half of those relied on a mobile app or resource to obtain help. When asked to specify their top three social impact needs, users most often cited situations where they had to cover unexpected costs, faced personal safety issues, and lacked access to health resources.

The data on social impact user needs shows a strong country by country diversity. For example, Mexico and Brazil strongly over-index on personal safety issues, and Japanese users — while overall the least likely to report a social impact need — over-index on having experienced an emergency or natural disaster situation.

google play

So, take a look at an infographic with key findings from Google Play’s research on smartphone user social impact needs, including a country by country breakdown:


google play



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