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High Tech Medicine Meets High Tech Capital

The uses and benefits of stem cells have proven effective throughout several innovative studies and many medical trials, but more research is needed to confirm the effectiveness and make them a widely accepted option. Research, however, is expensive.

Creating and growing a global network of technical, medical, and business professionals that would enable people who require stem cell transplants or treatments to have access to them also is expensive.

Therefore Stem Cell Innovations(SCI) has launched an ICO to raise capital in order to make the research and the creation of such a network possible. SCI is making a global change in the healthcare system by using blockchain technology, which is a practically high-tech form of investment banking, to enable research into these innovative, high-tech treatments.

The ICO is well underway till October 29 with 240 million SCIA tokens offered for pre-sale at a price of $0.15 with the aim of raising between $3 million (soft cap) and $36 million (hard cap). Most of this will go towards the development of the information technology needed to support the project and research and development. The rest is intended for international expansion and partnerships with stem cell labs, marketing, and sales, lobbying for stem cell research and legislation at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), infrastructure, project management, the team, and its advisors.

With the discovery of stem cells dating back over 30 years, the benefits of stem cells have proven effective throughout innovative studies and medical trials time and again. Stem cells have the ability to regenerate, repair, and replenish other cells, which provides hope for the possibility of replacing diseased cells. The information gained through research can provide us with a deeper understanding of why abnormalities develop in cells in the first place. In addition to helping us understand why diseases occur, R&D in stem cell technology can bring with it new advancements in the drug industry to treat conditions without harmful side-effects such as those brought about by chemotherapy.  With more research, access, and consistent communication, more lives can be changed for the better.

The ICO pre-sale will be followed by the main sale starting November 21 and running till January 17, 2019, or till all the tokens get sold, whichever comes first. The first quarter of 2019 will also see the final testing of the blockchain technology and the testing of the Stem Cell Innovations Application (SCIApplication) which, upon its release in the second quarter of 2019, will power the network designed to make stem cell treatments available worldwide.

SCI project will run on dual blockchain platforms. The first platform will be built on the Ethereum network for token use only, and it will be powered by the ERC20 platform. The second blockchain will be a custom application designed and built by Stem Cell Innovations engineers tailored to fit the healthcare environment with the dual purposes of furthering human longevity and expanding access to stem cell treatments.

SCI will build its own customized blockchain for storing and processing patient stem cell records known as SCIChain, using the Hyperledger Fabric network and smart contracts to protect data and ensure only authorized individuals to have access to user data.

The SCIA token will primarily be used within the SCI ecosystem as a method for users to access the full range of SCI products and services. Given the self-contained nature of the ecosystem, a token-based model for product usage will support security and exclusivity of access for SCIApplication token holders, which will, in turn, drive the fundamental value of the token.

Can you imagine a world where every person, regardless of location, will be able to connect with a doctor instantly? The SCIApplication is a place where such transactions can occur. What’s more, the same connection will facilitate determinations of how much information to share, who to share it with, and when, or limit access to information – all based on a patient’s preferences.

The ultimate goal is to connect people who need treatment with a dedicated team of professionals who can provide personalized solutions based on patient factors and demographics collected in SCI’s dual blockchain-supported platform.

Compared to other blockchain technology-based companies, the SCIApplication and ecosystem have a tremendous impact on the associated IT hardware and software costs and burdens. The application development work will be funded by 25 percent of token pre-sales and five percent from token reserves (potentially a total IT budget of $13.2 million). Appropriate time and resources will be committed to the hardware, software, and R&D deliverables, which will enhance the product and concepts within the platform.

Significant R&D t is required because of the many new and future-forward elements that SCI is developing to expand the scope of the stem cell field. The final outcome has the potential to forever change the healthcare provision by creating a global network of highly motivated professionals, dedicated investors, and innovative engineers working together on a unique platform that brings never-before-seen access to medical treatments that change lives.

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