How to Stop an Online Brute Force Attack

As if there aren’t enough things to worry about when operating a business online, bloggers and small business owners all need to be aware of how to protect their websites from a brute force attack.

A brute force attack is when an individual or machine attempts to break into the administration side of your website. They do this by attempting several logins and passwords over and over again. Eventually, they either capture the right combination to get access to your website, or they overwhelm and crash your website.

This can happen to several different content management systems. However, with WordPress being the most widely used management system, it is also the best to use as an example.

There are several things you can do to protect your website from a brute force attack. First of all, don’t make it too easy for people to guess your information. Do not use “admin” as your login or “password” as our password. You aren’t being tricky or clever, you’re just making it easier for hackers to break into your website.

Aside from what should be the obvious, there are two plugins that can help protect your website. The first is limit login attempts. This plugin will block any user that tries to login in more than three times with the wrong login or password. Banks use this type of protection to keep identity thieves from attempting to use this approach to get access to online bank information.

Brute Protect is another login that can be very helpful; especially if a lot of people use it. This plugin will track down the IP address of repeated failed logins. That IP address will then be blocked from access to all websites using the plugin. The plugin stores the information and is able to reach and protect all websites that installed the plugin. The more people there are using this plugin the better protected everyone will be.

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