How to Use Facebook to Get Your Boyfriend Back

Social networking isn’t just a sneaky way to keep an eye on your ex. You really can use Facebook to get your boyfriend back.

Few people can contain their curiosity about what their ex is up to. And you can optimise your Facebook page to make you super-attractive to your boyfriend.

So why not use Facebook to get your boyfriend back by creating a killer profile that will have him reeling at your new style and confidence?

Why You Need to Use Facebook to Get Your Boyfriend Back

Facebook is powerful. Your profile says a lot about you, and it can have a big impact on how your boyfriend sees you, so you really do need to make sure you get it right.

So add enough of the WOW factor, and when your ex boyfriend comes visiting your Facebook page you will stop him dead in his tracks – and get him thinking about you again!

How to Make Sure Your Boyfriend Is Looking at Your Facebook Page

You can maximise the chances of your boyfriend stopping by your Facebook page.

  • Do not contact him through his Facebook page. In fact, don’t contact him at all. Eventually he’s bound to notice and wonder why, then he will go and look for clues on your Facebook page.
  • Don’t unfriend him. He must be able to see your profile, and unfriending him will get all your friends asking questions and commenting all over your wall, which you definitely don’t want.

Practise the No Contact Rule to Get Your Boyfriend Back

Sooner or later, the chances are that your boyfriend will contact you. When you don’t respond, it will trigger a jumble of emotions in him (annoyance, frustration, confusion) that will eventually have him checking out your Facebook page to see if he can find out what you are up to.

This is where you hit him with the WOW factor.

What You Should Do After Your Breakup

Remember that, to your boyfriend, you are attractive. When you first met he probably thought you were amazing. Maybe you have let your appearance slip a bit, maybe you haven’t, but either way, he has got used to your looks by now.

Men are very visual creatures. You need to remind him just how stunning you really are.

So your appearance is an important weapon in your armoury for getting him back. There are lots of things you can do to stop him in his tracks when he eventually sees you again.

  • Eating well for great skin and hair
  • Losing some weight if you have started to spread a little
  • Wearing clothes that show off your sexy curves
  • Making a small change to your hairstyle
  • Always looking great

Your Facebook profile is your showcase. So when your boyfriend sees it, he won’t be thinking “She looks even worse that I remember – thank goodness I broke up with her”. Instead he’ll be going “WOW, she looks amazing! Why on earth did I let her go?”

How to Use Facebook to Get Your Boyfriend Back – the Perfect Facebook Profile

The power of Facebook is the picture it paints of your life. You can do that by constructing the perfect Facebook profile.

Look at the profiles of your friends, and note down the ones that caught your eye. What did they have that made them attractive and appealing?

  • An appealing profile picture and cover photo
  • Plenty of friends of both sexes
  • Plenty of pictures
  • Lots of interaction and people commenting on your wall
  • New things happening in your life now

This is the kind of profile that will catch a man’s eye.

Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is crucial if you want to use Facebook to get your boyfriend back. It must be new and different. Your boyfriend knows how you used to look, so startle him with something special.

The best profile picture is a close up of your face, showing poise and confidence. Wear something simple and striking in a bold colour. Don’t let anything in the background distract the eye from seeing YOU.

A slightly side-angled look is often more alluring than a full face shot, so consider standing sideways onto the camera, or looking over your shoulder. Practise looking in the mirror first to decide on your best side.

Keep the light soft and flattering. If you have a particularly sexy figure, you might want to include a bit more of your body than just your head and shoulders, but make sure your pose is natural and inviting.

  • Don’t use a selfie. Get someone else to take the picture, so that your face and body are in proportion.
  • Don’t have anyone else in the picture – especially a man. And don’t include friends, pets or children either. This is all about YOU.
  • Do remember to smile.

Does Your Cover Photo Matter?

A cover photo can tell a story.

Your cover photo should say something about YOU. Avoid the abstract or neutral like a landscape or a flower, and try to make your cover photo say something about your life; your aspirations, your dreams or the things you enjoy. The best cover photos tell a story, evoke memories or hint at an exciting future.

Don’t, however, try to evoke memories of your past relationship. For a start, it has just failed, so it is poor salesmanship. And you don’t want your boyfriend to know that you are thinking about him.

Your Other Pictures – What Do They Say About You?

Men are like children – they always look at the pictures first. Your boyfriend will look at them before he pays any attention to the comments on your wall.

Let your pictures tell a story of your new life as a single woman. They should project happiness and fun, and they should make you look good, busy and sociable.

Make sure some of your pictures have men in them. This shows him that you are meeting people and making new friends – in short, it builds your social value. Let him know that, if you decided to start dating again, you’d have plenty of choice.

You don’t want him to think that you have already found someone else. But you want him to know that you have options. And you want him to know that you are living a fun, interesting and social life.

The Wrong Photos

  • Pictures of you drinking. This looks like you are drowning your sorrows.
  • Getting too physical with other men. You must be subtle in your use of jealousy.
  • Any picture that hints you may be feeling sad, desperate or thinking about your boyfriend.

The Right Photos

  • You out with your friends – girls and guys.
  • Having fun at crowded, popular events.
  • Holiday photos, especially of you looking great on a beach in your bikini.
  • Pictures of interesting and exciting places you have been visiting.

Your Status Updates

Remember the golden rule – no emotional angst!

This is a mistake lots of women make. But your Facebook updates are all going to be positive, upbeat and optimistic.

Your status updates are all about your great new life and the fun you are having. A woman with a fun and interesting life is attractive. She projects high social value. She is the kind of woman a man wants to be with.

She is also in a position of power. This is where you can use the demon jealousy to your advantage.

Use Facebook to Get Your Boyfriend Back By Making Him Jealous

Post pictures of you with other men, but keep them suggestive, not inflammatory. If your boyfriend thinks that you have moved on with another guy, he is more likely to congratulate himself on a lucky escape than come storming after you to drag you back into his arms.

So post flirtatious pictures of you with men who are clearly attracted to you, but leave your boyfriend guessing whether you are attracted to them. This will give him a sense of urgency about the future.

He hasn’t got forever in which to change his mind. Jealousy can be a powerful incentive to make a man aware that he doesn’t really want to lose you after all.

Source by Sarah P Benson

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