Improve your marketing strategies through data gathering

The new study revealed that data-driven marketing is a much quicker and better way of getting results. As a matter of fact, 64% of senior executives responded that they agree.

Being able to target your prime audience allows a more centralized, focused and effective approach.

Collect Your Data

The first thing you should focus on is collecting your data which digital channels line up for your audience. You could have a lot of important data just within your organization, like the traits of your perfect customer, buying habits, etc…

You should be able to access public records as there are a lot of online sources and information. These public records represent a huge database, as they also show behavioral traits, their preferences and any other crucial information suitable for targeting your market in a more efficient way.

Having this knowledge of your customers will ensure you to have the upper hand when it comes to the competition as it will show you which social channels your customers are using the most.

It’s all about Smart Targeting

When we say smart targeting, we mean retargeting. Retargeting will allow you to have the latest information on someone, and replace the old interests or preferences with the new ones.

The most important thing to have in mind here is to segmentize your customers into small groups, so you can create your ads to be best suited for them.

And don’t be too pushy. You don’t want to be bombarding your audience with the same stuff they’ve seen already. It just creates a counter-effect, as it will just make them turn their head the other way.


Know which channels are the best for your business

When it comes to smart marketing, your team should know where your audience likes to hang out, what they are interested in, and any other piece of information that can be useful for your business.

According to a study:

“90 percent of Twitter users who see a TV show-related tweet is likely to immediately watch the show, search for more information, or share tweet-based content about that show.”

So, if you just released a TV show, you will know that Twitter is the best channel for you, as shown in the statistic.

Know ahead what your goal is

Before you even start launching the first post or tweet, you should already know what you expect from that post. Do you want more people to visit your website, or do you just want more followers?

Make sure you keep track of all the figures for engagements, such as clicks, shares, comments, likes, but determine what your goal is.

Provide a test drive for your data

Your planning can only get you so far. Unless you test your data and predictions, you shouldn’t launch your project. This way you can be sure that your predictions were correct before you scare off your targeted group.


Customize your content

The most important thing that the data for your targeted group provides is that once gathered, it will help you customize your project to be best suited for them.

What this means is, this will prevent you from selling snow to Eskimos, and bathing suits in Northern Alaska. You will know what your customers’ behaviors are, and this would stop you from promoting something that would be unusable in their country, for example.

Have in mind that the most important thing in marketing is testing, testing, testing. This way you will be able to keep up with the newest trends, changes, and data variation.

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