Instagram will Crush Snapchat in the Long Run

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Instagram just made a move that many will critique, essentially copying snapchat. It may come across as a “dude, seriously…” type of thing, but I’m telling your right now, not only is it the smart move, it makes Instagram better than snapchat overnight.

Consider the following:


Users inhale content on Instagram.  

Snapchat does everything possible to encourage content creation, regardless of how rich or poor that content is.  The content is Instagram has a higher quality, more thought and time is put into creating a post.

Instagram beats out Snapchat on design and usability

  1. At times I’m confused which users content I’m viewing on Snapchat
  2. Swiping away from the camera page gets annoying on Snapchat
  3. Checking statistics and seeing what your friends are watching and liking is much easier on Instagram
  4. Watching the same story a second time is much easier to do on Instagram

Instagram is much better suited for advertisers

  1. Higher quality on a platform where users enjoy viewing content leads to higher advertising dollars.
  2. On Instagram it’s very clear understanding the reach of a user through their profile. Number of posts, followers, likes per post, this is a wealth of data.  Snapchat is limited by a Snapscore which is a scoring system that many don’t even understand.

In conclusion, I don’t by any means think Snapchat is going to sit back and say, “well, that was a great ride while it lasted…”, and I don’t see them going Myspace 2.0 on us. They have millions of users who are obsessed with the app.  I just feel Instagram is a huge threat with a lot more going for it overall and it will be interesting to watch how both of them will evolve down the road.



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