Is Donald Trump 100,000 Times Smarter Than You?

Well, he must be, right!? After all, Mr. Trump is worth more than two BILLION dollars. That’s being about 100,000 times wealthier than most people are worth. So can this be true? Is he THAT smart?

Donald Trump is undoubtedly a very clever man. But is he 100,000 times smarter than you just because his financial worth is about 100,000 times more? No, absolutely not. If he were this intelligent, he would have an IQ of 10 million! (the average IQ being 100).

Currently, the highest recorded IQ of anybody is somewhere between 160 and 200. So let’s say that he has an IQ of 160 (I don’t know, it’s just a guess on my part). If this is the case, our math would be:

Average IQ = 100

Average financial worth of U.S. citizen = $100,000 (frighteningly it’s actually a lot less, but I’m being generous for the sake of the math!)

Therefore one IQ point is equal to $1000 (that’s 100,000 divided by 100).

Donald Trump’s IQ = 160 (for the sake of argument).

Therefore, using the logic above, Mr. Trump must be worth only $160,000. But he ISN’T!

As you can see from this, intelligence CAN’T be the main factor in making a lot of money and enjoying a great lifestyle! So what is? What is the main ingredient in the recipe for making money? What is the difference between the Donald Trump’s and the Bill Gates’ and the Warren Buffets’ and other people?

There are two main factors that separate people who constantly have success and those who continually work hard but get nowhere.

The first is that most people work for OTHER people. While this may sound obvious, just think about what this will mean to you. You will work for a SET-AMOUNT of money. That means that you have, at the very outset, LIMITED your potential income to the amount you’ve agreed to work for.

Okay, so if you’re working for somebody else, WHY would they employ you? Why don’t they just do it themselves? Simple: because THEY are the ones making the decent money! They are the ones who will retire early to their beachfront house, while their employees continue to sell their lives, hour by hour, for wages that more often than not, are barely enough to live on, let alone buy good medical insurance.

However, the internet and the World Wide Web have “leveled the playing field” in MANY ways. It is now possible for anybody (that means YOU) to start a business, from home, that can generate thousands, tens of thousands and HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars.

So what is the other key ingredient to the recipe for success?

Well, the second major difference between constant success and constant failure, is that the success-minded person realizes that they can be hugely successful just be being SLIGHTLY better than their competition.

Tiger Woods is only SLIGHTLY better than his competition. A winning horse and jockey are only SLIGHTLY better than the other racers. The same goes for ALL other “winners”. They are NOT super-human, they are just human. But they ARE just slightly and CONSISTENTLY better than their nearest competitor.

Now, although you may be thinking you don’t have the time to build an online business, because you have a full-time job, starting an internet business isn’t really very time-consuming. It’s a very low cost start-up (no buildings to lease, no employees to hire etc.) and it can make huge returns.

You just need to take the time, every evening and a few hours each weekend to get things rolling. Learn, apply what you learn and start making some real money.

Spend your time on what REALLY IS important, not what your employer thinks is important. It’s a matter of tipping the balance into YOUR favor! Give YOURSELF the winning edge!

If you don’t know where to start, there are some ideas on my website. Feel free to have a look at your leisure. There’s also a free book you can download.

Source by Luke Hawthorne

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