Issues Blockchain Is Facing In The Ad Tech Industry

With regards to digital marketing and the advertisement tech industry, the great promise of a decentralized future has prompted a spate of blockchain activities.

The technology gives an answer to the most pressing industry challenges – for example, fraud. Bot traffic, together with the spoofed domain, has been an enormous cerebral pain for everybody associated with the advertisement tech industry. As per recent market statistics, it expands up to $7.2 billion every year – while click fraud is growing up to 50% every year. The entire guideline behind the decentralized framework and blockchain innovation kills the center of the issue.

Additionally, blockchain decreases exchange costs, improves visibility following, and gives the way to accomplish complete straightforwardness for all parties included. To be more exact, blockchain permits the making of a framework where each transaction is recorded, guaranteeing that there are no shrouded expenses and cuts. Starting now, there is no chance for an advertiser or publisher to determine the number of extra charges.

The blockchain is ready to become a cure – yet the industry is a long way from utilizing its advantages everywhere, with advertisement tech estimated to welcome blockchain solutions with all the benefits by 2020.

So what is one the biggest issues blockchain is facing in the ad tech industry?


The obvious issue with blockchain technology execution is the operational gap. It has been noted on different events how the blockchain isn’t prepared to deal with the huge measure of operations per second required for real-time bidding(RTB). The original technology was intended to permit 10 transactions for each second, while with RTB the volume could achieve 3 million transactions.


The ad tech industry is struggling with unclear pricing and expenses, attempting to solve the straightforwardness issue. By the by, bunches of third-party organizations improve the industry’s ecosystem, giving access to exceptional supply or demand, information, and additionally filtering the bandwidth overload.



Regardless of the considerable number of issues, there are, as of now, arrangements that are implementing blockchain for ad tech. There was at that point an ascent of ICO startups, and organizations offering prepared to-apply blockchain solutions. The general conviction is that R&D and testing shouldn’t be expensive. The organizations should endeavor to develop the business, not to battle with endless code lines.
Thus there are openings, for example, ad exchange blockchain ad stack. There is no reason for burning through millions on blockchain solutions, except if it is advantageous to the business. However, unless we accomplish the trading singularity, where each party is included inside a blockchain system, we won’t get the full advantages of the technology.

It will take up to three years to approach that point. By and by, the advantages of blockchain are noticeable, and implementing the technology for various advanced promoting viewpoints and procedures might be advantageous for advertisement tech organizations.

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