Jim Tressel and Ohio State, More Bad News

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for THE Ohio State University to justify keeping embattled head coach Jim Tressel. Already facing NCAA allegations and suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season, now faces new allegations involving two Columbus-area dealerships.

As the Columbus Dispatch reported, OSU’s chief enforcer of NCAA rules is opening an investigation into dozens of car purchases by players and their relatives from two Columbus-area dealerships (both of whom employed salesman Aaron Kniffin), looking for evidence of special discounts.

According to public records, OSU lineman Thaddeus Gibson “purchased” a two-year-old Chrysler for $0 from Kniffin. Gibson and Kniffin both deny that the price listed on the title was the actual sale price, but $0 seems to be what they’re telling the government. That’s a discrepancy for which the IRS, NCAA, and OSU compliance department are going to need to explain, which is going to prove very difficult.

The Dispatch also found multiple car loans to Terrelle Pryor, including Kniffin’s own for a trip back to Pennsylvania for three days.

This has been predicted by many, that once NCAA investigators flocked to Columbus and began turning over every pebble, that a lot more would be uncovered in addition to the “cash for tattoos” scandal that put the program in deep water with the NCAA.