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Medical Records Suck! Stem Cells Innovations Has a Solution for That

Current healthcare systems around the world lack transparency. Patients have no immediate access to their records, which have always been kept by medical professionals. This is the case worldwide, but a new project by the Stem Cell Innovations company, aiming to make stem cell treatments easily available to anyone who needs them, could change this forever through the smart use of blockchain technology.

SCI has recently launched its ICO pre-sale of SCIA tokens to finance this breakthrough, cutting-edge technology, to be followed by the main sale starting on November 21. The funds raised will finance research to expand the current evidence of the efficiency of stem cell treatments and develop the information technology to power the Stem Cell Innovations Application (SCIApplication).  It is a unique platform that will connect people who require stem cell transplants or treatments with medical professionals that can provide them.

Currently, medical professionals are only able to share data quickly within their own organization or with other health professionals using the same electronic health record (EHR) system. Transferring data through EHR can be a lengthy process, with some medical practitioners even charging a fee for transferring files to another healthcare professional.

SCIApplication will give the patients full control over their own records – to provide or restrict access, in line with their needs.  The application will develop over time to include a 24/7 live and interactive decentralized, cloud-based document center for patient medical records.

The application will also feature a ledger of all patients’ medical visits that includes past and all future appointments to be made. Information collected will include outcomes found as a result of testing, as well as labs tests to which patients can grant access to their preferred practitioners.

The app will also feature a list of all medical providers and institutions available to the patient in the SCI network, enabling the user to select a favorite provider and/or medical institution, or even pharmacies.

Patients will add their preferred payment methods, which will include insurance card information if applicable. Using SCI’s token-based Application Program Interface linked to the payment method, patients will be able to utilize coupons and discounts and enjoy the benefits of being part of SCI’s blockchain.

The SCIApplication and website will be in full compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 privacy regulations (HIPAA), keeping user information safe by securely storing it on the blockchain.

Stem Cells Innovations

SCI believes it can achieve integrity and security of data by using its proprietary unique identifier and control languages. Credentials will also run vertically between the blockchain and the SCIApplication, ensuring high-level authentication for professionals, providers, users, and all members of the SCI network.

Therefore it is not difficult to see that in the near future patients worldwide will have a safe storage solution for their medical data with control over their individual stem cell records. As the SCIApplication further develops, users will also be able to set up appointment reminders with an in-app calendar and a map interface estimating time and traffic. Video consultation software will be added that allows communication between a patient and their stem cell specialist.

Similar to the access patients have to their own medical records, the Professional Application will provide Stem Cell Specialists and other healthcare professionals with permission (where granted by patients) to access a patient’s information based on need. Medical records will be available for sharing worldwide, 24/7, 365 days a year, including access to labs, test results, x-rays, videos and more.

Because patients have full control over their own medical data within the ecosystem, they can seamlessly consult with relevant physicians who can get up to speed on their case when users provide them with access to their records.

Connecting people who need treatment with a dedicated team of professionals who can provide personalized solutions based on patient factors and demographics collected in SCI’s blockchain-supported platform has the potential to forever change the way medical data is managed.

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