Mitt Romney is a Traitor to Republican Voters

Four years ago I was a big fan of Mitt Romney.  I liked Paul Ryan even more, but truth be told, I would have been a fan of Jesse Ventura if it meant the end of Obama’s failures as a president. If the “GOP Establishment” really wants to understand why people are voting for Trump in record numbers, I’ll gladly explain in detail.

Romney didn’t fail me when he lost the election.  He failed me during his last debate vs Obama where I was left screaming at the TV for him to say something, anything. He had Benghazi, he had Obamacare, he had the billions wasted in building a website. And do you know what Mitt Romney, grand savior of the Republican party in 2016, did four years ago?  He stood mute, he did nothing, he choked. I knew I just witnessed someone blowing a winnable election.

For those who care to re-live those feelings, here is the full debate video:

Fast forward to today, after four more years of Obama using executive powers to further limit the rights of Americans, make Christians a pariah, continually throw Israel under the bus, and embarrass Americans by apologizing for them, we’ve had enough. The fact that Obama has managed to accomplish all of this while Republicans control the house and senate is enraging.

Before Trump entered the picture, I gave up on Republican leadership. Even when they have had the power and tools to take action on issues that we feel strongly about, issues they claim as their own, they do nothing.

Enter Donald Trump.

Like many, I didn’t give Trump much of a chance in this election. I’ve grown numb to the fantasy of a pure outsider having a chance in American politics. And I didn’t particularly agree with a lot of his points. Nor do I defend a lot of the criticism that Republicans, Democrats and most of the media talking heads love to point out. I watched out of pure entertainment.

When this race first kicked off, here is how I would have ranked my preference for the nomination:

  1. Ted Cruz – I liked him, but I had serious doubts about him being able to win mainstream
  2. Marco Rubio – Fresh voice, came across as smart and bold
  3. Chris Christie – His tough stance on Obama and Clinton was attractive

As Trump began to pick up steam, I found it interesting but I wasn’t all-in.  I still had issues with how he came across at times and while I’m completely against Obama’s immigration maneuvers, I’m not really sure a wall is the answer to the problem.

Everyone loves a long-shot, watching Trump take state after state leaving the talking heads and pundits twisting in the wind got me cheering. But even at that point I wasn’t all-in. That changed in the past week or two and was absolutely sealed with Mitt Romney’s assassination attempt of the current front-runner of his own party.

Take notes Romney, here are some points for you to consider:

  • You and your establishment managed to sway me from your golden boy Rubio to Donald Trump in the past two weeks with your shenanigans. And I’m not alone. That’s how much we despise what you stand for. The moment it was clear that Rubio lost his voice to his handlers, he lost us.
  • I don’t agree with 75% of what comes out of Trump’s mouth, but I know he’ll never completely “choke and disappear” like you did in your last debate. I may not agree with everything he has to say, but I’m convinced he will stand up for the American people.
  • You telling me how to vote enrages me, and I’d rather vote for Hillary Clinton than have anything to do with you. You set the precedence for this, you’ve made it clear that you yourself would betray your own party unless people vote how you want them to.
  • You did a masterful job pointing out every flaw, mistake and failure of Donald Trump. The irony is that it makes us love him more. Like Trump, I also have flaws. I’ve also made mistakes. I absolutely understand failure. What Americans despise more than any mistake or failure is someone living in a glass house casting down judgement on them and others.
  • Lastly, where have you been? You’ve now showed us you can take a stand, bravo. Where are the attacks on Obama? Where are the attacks on Hillary Clinton? It doesn’t seem like you’ve had any issues with how the past four years have unfolded.  You popped up out of nowhere to attack a member of your own party. The delusional, selfish aspect of this is that you clearly see a movement is happening but have failed to understand why.

In closing, understand the following statement as you spend your millions in attack ads, because this should be frightening for you:

We agree with you on most of your thoughts and fears about Donald Trump. And we find the thought of you and the options you’ve presented us with, much much worse. 

I’ll end with a prediction as we all wait to see the Romney effect on voters:  Trump will win Florida and Ohio, closing the door on the GOP fantasy of trying to control the voice of the American people.

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