Mobile Commerce is on the Rise

Mobile commerce has grown considerably since 2012, and it continues to grow going into 2014. The 41st Parameter, an online fraud prevention firm, reports that more and more consumers are being drawn to mobile commerce due to the overall convenience. Mobile commerce eliminates the need to got into stores, wait in lines, waste time, and deal with other people. Additionally, mobile commerce allows consumers to shop while on the go. It can be worked into any schedule.

Just in the last twelve months, mobile commerce has increased by 35%. Ecommerce in general increased by 15% in the same time period. The difference in those numbers shows the dramatic increase in mobile customers. Of those now shopping from mobile devices, approximately 8% are making purchases via their smartphone and 13% are shopping via their tablet.

When asked, consumers reported preferring to shop from their tablets, opposed to their smartphones. Consumers reported the larger screens made shopping easier and more enjoyable. Consumers were more comfortable browsing on a tablet because screen navigation was easier.

Another report from Adroit Digital reported that nearly 55% of all online consumers reported wanting to replace their home computer with a tablet. These same consumers reported liking to be able to take their tablets into stores with them to comparison shop while out.

When it came to getting the best deals, mobile devices certainly make it easier for consumers to compare prices prior to making an actual purchase. Additionally, mobile devices make it easier for consumers that take advantage of price matching at retail stores.

Going into 2014, it is expected that the number of people shopping from their mobile devices will continue to increase. While retail stores are still important to overall brand creation and customer loyalty, more companies are seeing a dramatic up tick in their online sales. This trend was also seen through the 2013 Black Friday weekend. While many stores were overall disappointed with their Black Friday sales, their Cyber Monday sales broke records.

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