Paul Colligan's Podcasting and the Business of New Media Marketing (Part 2)

Paul Colligan proceeded to lay out the fundamentals for people who want to get serious
About podcasting technology.

How do I get Started? The C2M2 Method, of course.

Colligan advises budding podcasters to produce a realistic plan of action that can be executed

Immediately. As a quick guide, it offers the C2M2 outline:

1. Content source: Where is the content going to come from?

2. Creation engine: A system (technology + medium) that gets your content out fast.

Important to avoid "pod fade" or a weak engine.

3. Marketing Method: Getting your message out to a targeted audience using effective

Traffic generation, list-building, and ad copy techniques.

4. Monetization Machine: Achieving a level of trust, likability, and popularity that allows

You to earn income through your podcasting efforts.

Colligan's central advice: Minimize the number of steps between initial contact with prospects and

Human consumption of your products.

Is Podcasting Really Viable as a Marketing "Vehicle"?

Marketers are looking to achieve "audience intimacy" with the average user, but at what cost? Paul

Colligan says that twenty minutes of meaningful podcast content are enough to hook a prospect for
Life. Eighty percent of 2007 model year automobiles are iPod-enabled, so people on the move will be
Looking for content – your content! With the creation engine in place, concentrate on a process that
Will outperform the radio "shock jock" and deliver results.

Paul asks us to keep up with the changes that large corporations spring on us from
Time to time. Technological compatibility is crucial in podcasting, so if you feel overwhelmed, hire a
Third party service to make upgrades as they become necessary.

Preparing a Podcast.

In the end, you have to have the production tools to execute podcasting campaigns. Among the tools

You need:

1. For medium-sized businesses, setup a 1-800 number to handle product orders.

2. A large diaphragm microphone.

3. Voice editing software to ensure clear edits of your final product.

4. Leveling and compression software.

5. Tagging (ie bookmarking) yourself to look good on the iPod.

In Part 3 of Paul Colligan's interview, learn about:

– Surprising Content Sources.

– Last Minute Hints to Better Podcasts.

And much, much, more …

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Source by Rahul Majumdar

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